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Yes. Jesus stepped back, then said: “Nadège, this is my Father calling you.” That’s When I heard again:


“Yes, your Honor – Your Excellence – God – I mean Heavenly Father. Your humble daughter is here!”

“What is this I heard? – I have 35,000 angels complaining about you – look at all these red files on my desk – What is GOING ON Young Lady?”

“Father, can you please repeat  the last two words again?”

“Nadege, I’m not in the mood for humor!”

“Ok! Ok! Gosh! I mean, Father –  If you don’t mind say so – Isn’t it a fact, you have innumerable angels? So if only 35,000 of them are complaining against me, don’t you think the fault lies with them, and not me? And, just to set the record clear,  my last count was 19,000 plus angels, not 35….”

“No, Nadège. The 19,000 plus you are referring to, are your guardian angels. Apart from them, countless others were delegated to you – most of them were from the urgent care department. And I”

“Oh! Now I see!  So you mean the “TEASING,” “HELP!,” and “LAUGHING” angels were all from the emergency Department too?”

“Yes. And you had your share of intervention from THEM– Their report were.”

‘AND DO-YOU-KNOW-WHY Father? “TEASING” for example, always try to tease me when I’m preparing for my Algebra class exam – One day I had to ask him: “Can you be serious for once?” He stormed out of the room and sent me a SERIOUS angel  who looked just like King Kong.

On the other hands, HELP! saw me pulling my hair off, trying to figure out how I was going to pay my bills. He stood there like a Freak – I mean, like a mannequin. So when I finally turned and asked him: “You NEVER HELP me, why is..?” Before I could even finish my sentence, he was replaced by another frail  looking angel.

“Who are you?” I asked him.

-“My name is NEVER HELP.”

-“What happened to “HELP!”?”

““You called for NEVER HELP didn’t you?”

That’s when the LAUGHING  angel walked in as if he had a special invitation; laughing his heart out. So I said, “Are you FREAKING SERIOUS?”

By the time FREAKING SERIOUS angel showed up Father, he looks like an angel  who never had time for leisure. He honestly looked so pale and stressed out, I felt compelled to help him out. When I asked him:  “Have you ever heard of a suntan?” The poor angel had no idea of what I was referring to. So, after a long day at the beach, while he tried to smile, his face cracked, he decided to blame me. So,  now that you’ve heard some of my encounters, I heard of you being  a just judge, tell me how I’ve wronged those angels?”

“Mmmm! I see. In this case, let me review these complaints, then I w.”

“God, you mean, you haven’t even read the complaints against me, and.”


“Oh boy! Am I in trouble with you now?”


(Thinking) “Oh boy! I don’t like how this conversation is turning out.”

But God answered me: “I SAID I AM NOT A BOY!”

“Father, you should not invade my private thought, you are God, so you know better than that. “I was just thinking it, I did not speak it out loud!” Besides, if You are a MAN, why are we praying to you for? You word said, “Trust no men.”

God looked at me, with  a deep breath, some of my files blew away into space. Complete silence for a few seconds.

Suddenly, all the angels appeared around God’s throne. While they  were each pointing their fingers at me saying:

“Oh yes, that’s Smart mouth!”

“Yes, that’s Bad Ass!”

“Heaven No! She’s here?”

“Oh! My Almighty! Terror in the mist!”

“Mmm! That’s trouble alright!”………………………………….

As I heard all my nicknames, the complaints they murmured. I knew I had to think fast. I thought, “now even My Heavenly Father had ground to damn me.” He was looking too serious for me!. Finally, a brilliant thought crossed my mind. That’s when I screamed:

“Father, I’m guilty as charged! So, I plead the blood of Jesus. Yes! I’m pleading the blood of Jesus!”

“JESUS, WHEREJesus - angels trumpets ARE YOU? HELP! HELP!”

Then, all the angels stepped back. It was total silence again. Just then, my Heavenly father gave me that look, with a smile. “You smart child!” Then His facial demeanor changed back when He said: “Nadege, you.” Then I felt a presence next to me. It was Jesus, wearing a gold crown. He reached and grabbed my hands, as He took my place, He pushed me behind him. Then, He answered on my behalf:

“Father, she is forgiven!”

I stood there with a smile from Heaven to Asia, as I witnessed all my red files transforming into white doves. The doves flew away, simultaneously I was being carried by an angel. When I turned to look, to my shock it was the delivery angel.

“Hell no! I mean – Heaven no! Not you again. Put me down! PUT-ME –DOWN I SAID!”

When she finally did, I stuck my tongue at her as she walked away.  But, when she turned back, she gave me “I will get you back look,” my lips were sealed, so I could not even open my mouth.


jesus hand

Thank God, the Lord re-appeared and grabbed me since I was just floating around. While He carried me back to earth, He said:

“Already in trouble hen?”

“Mmm! Mmm!”

He smiled then said: “I know. I see you still think the delivery angel dropped you in the wrong country? But, keep this in mind pertaining to this matter. “For frankly I tell you this, “Heaven and earth may pass away, but my words will last forever.”  Sometimes, a tree may be late blossoming. But I guarantee you, when it finally blooms, it will be the most beautiful and profitable, of all the late bloomers.”

He smiled again – As He placed his hand over my mouth and healed me

After I thanked Him, that’s when I jumped from my bed and realized: ” It was all a freaking DREAM!”