My last question

Perhaps My Last Question

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I asked the world for an explanation, but it answered me “I don’t owe you one. I should be the one to ask you this question since you invaded my territory fifty-four years ago.”

That’s when I realize it was time to say goodbye!

Meanwhile, enjoy one of my latest painting intitled “Look up Haïti!”

I’m dedicating it to my nephew whom I never met. HIs name is Mohamed Mushak Moïse. A few days ago, after my conversation with him, I realized we had one common ground. We are two forgotten beings, trying to understand what to make out of this cruel world; yes, fighting for our survival. So I prayed for strength that night, just so I could be there for him, help him any possible way; since his mother passed away three years ago.

If only I had the strength to wait for the fulfillment of my prayer. Knowing God, if He does answers at all, it will probably be too late.

A mon neveu Mohamed