Waking Up The Wrong Side of the Bad

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I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. Since I was not about to surrender to depression, I decided to just rolled over toward the right side of the bed!

When I finally got up, I was leaping for joy!

So, there I was walking toward the garage, when I hurt my toes. Ouch! Then my body slammed against the ironing board, which slapped me on my face.”

So I took the broom and beat the crap out of it!

Yes, you’re right. My mind was made up.  I was not about to be defeated today!

So, when my daughter finally woke up, she had nothing better to do, then to annoy me about my hair. Which honestly have been looking like dry grass lately.

“MA! What’s going on with that hair of yours?  You know, that can’t Go ON!”

“What can’t GO RUN?” I asked her.

“Your hair MA – YOUR HAIR!”

“Oh yeah!” I answered. ” I bet you ten each, they can go run!”

“OK, I bet!” She replied.

So I went in the bathroom, shaved my hair off! When I walked out.


“They went  running. Now you owe me $10.00 each string; pay up!”

You see me with my hair shaved: bald head

I know! You might think I’m the First Lady. BUT, your eyes are just tricking you. LOL