Wacaroti & Wawoloti – 2016 Brain New Car!

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spaghetti car

When my grandson claimed he was hungry and was asked: “I thought you just ate dinner?”

He answered me, “Gamma, you know I had some wacaroti!”

“Wacaroti – you mean macaroni?  But, your mom made spaghetti, not macaroni.”

“No gamma, Not tageti – We hat wa-ca-ro-ti I taid!”

“My apology dear! I was under the impression the long skinny flour mud you were pulling in your mouth earlier, was called spaghetti. And the little stars which you love to eat, with lots and lots of cheese, were called macaroni.”

“Tat totay gamma, tyou don’t need to wawoloti (to apology). Text time just task me how to tay tit. I will tit tyou – Ok gamma. Tyou know “I’m a smard, smard boy!”

Translation: “It’s ok Granma, you don’t need to apologize. Next time just ask me how to say it, and I will teach you – Ok gamma. You know I’m a smart, smart boy!”

“Yes you are. In fact, Japan should tikle your brain for the name of their new car. Better yet, perhaps they should ask you permission to use “wacaroti or wawoloti” for their 2016 model.”

“Yes gamma! You are a tenuis! I twant a wacaroti car; a dlue one, your faaavorite tolor!”

Tranlation: “Yes grandma, you are a genius. I want a spaghetti car. A blue one. Your faaavorite color!”

So here you have it! If you happen to see “wacaroti or wawoloti” new car driving around, it’s my grandson invention. Watch out for the driver of the sky blue model!