Interesting Conversation IV – Destiny

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I’ve been waiting for YOU to show up. Hell YOU!

“Excuse you, but I’m not ‘Hell or YOU” My name is DESTINY.”

“I know who you are, and I’m furious at you – Look at my life! In fact, let me start talking, because I need to unload my chest.”

“OK. Now that I’ve removed the knife from the counter, you don’t happen to have a gun, do you?”

“Of course not! I may be furious, but I’m not a murderer!”

“They all say that dear – Please, do continue.”


“Ok. How come there are doctors, nurses, engineers, nutritionist, attorneys, teachers, artist, chef, even a con-artist in my family. I’ve been told everyone has a destiny. But I’m fifty plus years old, and still yet to discover mine. Who the hell am I supposed to be?”

“How the hell should I know? I’m not your “Maker!” If I were you, I would just pick one missing from the list you just mentioned.”

“What? What kind of answer is this? You are not helping me!”

“I don’t recall greeting you with “May I help you?” In fact, when I showed up, I DID SAY “Peekaboo,” didn’t I? Now you see me, now you don’t!”

“What’s that supposed to mean? If you are my destiny, you are supposed to know that at least.”

“Know what?”


“Oh dear! I’m everyone’s DESTINY. This is my name, remember?”

“So, you should know my faith!”

“Oh no dear. This is between you and your Maker, I don’t meddle in the mater of religion.”

“Religion? Who said anything about religion?”

“You just mentioned faith didn’t you? Or did you mean to say “fate?”

I’m talking about my destiny, so of course I meant to say fate.”

“Oh honey, you need to learn how to spell then.”

“OMG! Are you FOR REAL?”

“Oh dear, rage won’t’ help you either!”

“DESTINY, I need some answers from you. SO STOP IT!”

Honey, I don’t have the answers you are seeking. I’m DESTINY, therefore I’m in the future, not the present. But I guarantee you: If you search deep within, you will discover the answers which you are seeking, along with all the tools you will need, for your journey. Then, only one thing will be left for you to do: Just learn how to use them. For these tools were given to you, so they may guide you through every steps, till you reach your destined path. But, I guarantee you, if you step up forward, through the road of resilience, make a right turn. Then cross the valleys, and climbs up the hills ahead. Remember, no matter how many times you will stumble and fall, you must force yourself to get up, and keep moving forward. Because, after you’ve defeated your demons, and, at the mountaintop of victory, right there, at the appointed time; I will be standing waiting for you.”

“You cheater! You only show up at the end!”Angel for destiny

“Wouldn’t you? I’m DESTINY. I cannot afford to get dirty!”


A Twist Of Faith – Humor

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I’m walking past a Caucasian assumable junky, pleading to an African American guy for his daily bread.

I had to intervene when he said:

“Hey man, you know the drill, things are rough for me bro!”

“Hold on a second!” I yelled at him. “You are not supposed to use those slings, they are copyrighted to the black people, and you are white.”

The black guy said “My thought exactly. I am profoundly astonished at his ability to imitate the sling expressions so well, which predominantly belong to the Afrocentric world.

I turned to the black guy and said: “Did you guys agreed to exchange path in your past lives? Because, on one hand, the white junky is speaking like a black man, while you on the other hand, sound like a white man.”

The black guy answered: “What a profound statement! But this is the way I speak. In fact, both of my parents were white, they claimed a black woman run away with their son.”

The white guy said: “My old lady was a black woman.  Regardless, this is a free country, and we’re now free to speak as we damn pleased.” We’re Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are Free at last!”

“Hello!” I yelled back at him. “You were always free. You were never a slave, take a look at your skin, you – are – not –black!!!”

The white junky raised his hand, starred as his skin, then he said: Damn! You are right, I’m a white man!”

As I we walked away, he yelled:  “Hey – do you want to be my baby mamma?”

“Freak Day”

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Excuse me, but I was passing by, noticed your sad countenance – “What’s wrong?”

“Oh! How kind of you. My heart is saddened – because I don’t have any friends.”

“Really?” You never had any friends?”

“Well, of course I’ve had some friends! In fact my best friend slept with, my husband, so”

“Your best friend? I thought you said: “You don’t have any friends.”

“No, I don’t have any friend, but”

“Hey, make up your mind ok.  You are confusing me – I don’t know what to believe anymore!”

“LISTEN OK! “I SAID I…“Who the hell are you anyway?”

“Oh! My name is Confuse, what’s yours?”

“No wonder you are  confuse, your name IS CONFUSE!”

“I SAID MY NAME IS CONFUSE, and you are insulting me.”

“What’s all that commotion? You know, from a distance, I can partially hear eve-ry-thing you guys are saying!”

“ Well, Confuse came here and I accuse me of insulting him – when I simply told him “I was sad because…”

“I see. If I understand you correctly – you don’t see why he’s angry because you called him confuse?”

“No, I don’t see why he can’t understand what I’m trying to tell him. ‘What I told him was: “I don’t have any friends NOW, but.”

“Exactly! You just don’t see why he’s angry because you called him confuse. Wearing his shoes, I can  understand his frustration.”

“His frustration? About me?”

“What about you? You want everything about you han?”

“You know what – you are being too partial, I refuse to talk to someone so partial. What’s your name anyway?”

“My name is partial.”


“Hello friends, calm down! I have special ears to hear everything my friends are talking about. What’s going on anyway?”

These two freaks who just walked away are getting on my nerve. One is confuse, and.”

“Oh, poor friend. I understand you, believe me. Don’t worry, I’m completely on your side, and truly understand you.”

But, you didn’t even here the whole story, I “
“You don’t really  have to – I ‘ll believe anything you say anyway – my  name is “Friendship, just looking for some friends.”

“OMG! Is today freak day?”

“Get out of the road, you freak! Hello, hello!  Clearly THE SPEED LIMIT HERE is FORTY – FIVE,  but YOU ARE DOING FORTY!!! Freak!”

“I have to tell everyone how to DRIVE !’

“Hey! You freak, what’re you looking at!”