Exocism Expert Needed!

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Old lady

No wonder Halloween is celebrated in October –  This is the Month when the witches show their true colors!!!


Trust me on this one. I gave birth to four witches!!!


Honestly, I strongly believe my third daughter must have been the ruler of hell during her past life.

And, I must have been her partner!!!

God’s sense of humor never cease to amaze me!

Waking Up The Wrong Side of the Bad

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I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed. Since I was not about to surrender to depression, I decided to just rolled over toward the right side of the bed!

When I finally got up, I was leaping for joy!

So, there I was walking toward the garage, when I hurt my toes. Ouch! Then my body slammed against the ironing board, which slapped me on my face.”

So I took the broom and beat the crap out of it!

Yes, you’re right. My mind was made up.  I was not about to be defeated today!

So, when my daughter finally woke up, she had nothing better to do, then to annoy me about my hair. Which honestly have been looking like dry grass lately.

“MA! What’s going on with that hair of yours?  You know, that can’t Go ON!”

“What can’t GO RUN?” I asked her.

“Your hair MA – YOUR HAIR!”

“Oh yeah!” I answered. ” I bet you ten each, they can go run!”

“OK, I bet!” She replied.

So I went in the bathroom, shaved my hair off! When I walked out.


“They went  running. Now you owe me $10.00 each string; pay up!”

You see me with my hair shaved: bald head

I know! You might think I’m the First Lady. BUT, your eyes are just tricking you. LOL

This Is A True Story

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What would you do if you were among the passengers who were ready to take off for a nine hours flight, but you heard a sudden  loud “BOOM,” from the plane?

Yes, you heard me right! The plane was practically still on the ground when my unbelievable strange daughter heard that boom, and do you know what she did?

“NOTHING!” She just said:

“Ohoh! C’est quoi ça?” Meaning: “What was that?”

So I asked her, “Since the plane was still on the ground, did you take off  RUNING FOR YOUR LIFE?”

“No. “they announced it was something to do with the “PLANE MOTOR.”  Therefore we were told to remain seated until they “FIXED IT.

So, let me get that straight. “You were in a plane to Portugal, and before it even took off, it abruptly stopped. EVERYONE PANICKED. And even after you heard it was  the motor malfunctioned, you were crazy enough to sit there and wait, for them to fix it, with the hope you will travel ALL NIGHT in the same plane.”

“Yeah! But they had the nerve to tell us “The damage was too major, requiring a special order from Portugal.”

“They had the nerve, while you lacked the sense. You both were a perfect match.” I told her.

“Well Mom, that happens sometimes, But I trust they know what they are doing.”

Do you know my daughter had the nerve to call the same air plane company by 6:00 A.M the following morning, to find out when “THE SAME PLANE WAS TAKING OFF?”

WARNING: This is how your children will turn out if you marry an aeronautic engineer. SO BEWARE!

My ex-husband was still attending Northrop University when our daughter was born. I recalled nearly every weekend, we would drive near the LA airport, parked the car so near, where we could practically smell the planes as  they landed, in order for him to identify the models number,  write down all the details for his school assignment. Back then I feared my daughter would turned out to be deaf, instead she turned out to be immune to plane explosion.

So after she made about a dozen calls, they finally confirmed, “The flight had been cancelled!”

Thank God, my prayers and my whole day fasting were answered. For once, God heard my emergency call.

But after a couple hours, I heard “Let’s go Mom.”

“Let’s go where?”

“To the airport.”


“Don’t worry, travelling with another company.”  She answered calmly. The downfall,  I will just have to take three  planes  instead of one.

Was I relieved. Of course, that was before I yelled, “THREE PLANES, are you crazy??????”

Why not? Daddy used to do it all the time!