Caribbean Woman – My latest painting

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This week¬† I can’t seem to find the time to write, so I will continue to showcase some of my culture inspired paintings.


This one is entitled “Caribbean Woman”

We are known for our exotic beauty, our full figure, ( don’t know what happened to me on this one) our kinky hair, our firm discipline, and most of all, for our unique style and delicious food!



Banda Lesson

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Dear friends,

Those among you who are from the Caribbean have probably heard of the banda dance. You know, it’s when you shake it the four corners of the earth while you bending down till you reach the ground. It was typical for us ladies to compete. Last year I had the audacity to attempt it was during my daughter’s graduation. They had the never to tell me “I could not do it.” So I showed them a thing or two. Well, that was before my knees cracked.¬† But, I didn’t tell them that part when they applaud.

So today, I thought I would share a couple of my paintings with you guys, just so you may have an idea of what you would look like, when you finally learn how to dance the “BANDA!”

And, the answer is yes. “Even if you are Caucasian, you would still look like those ladies.

Sorry guys, didn’t show you dancing, but you can still play the drum! Don’t’ forget the pipe either.