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Lace blouse (2)

I’m back to sewing. Of course with my old soul, I feel inspired to replicate some Victorian era fashion; some of the 1920’s glamor flapper dresses, and of course,  along with my own designs I have hidden in my draft notebook.

So, I will keep you posted whenever I complete the beautiful french lace ensemble I’m currently working on.  It will be a size 10. So ladies, if you are among those who have a taste for lace and voile couture, you might want to visit this page often. It will be posted on my Etsy shop:  “Limperatrice Du Jour.” Where I hope to showcase not only my couture, but some of my artwork, and vintage items items as well.

1920 flapper dress  petit plea



These handkerchiefs are probably a thing of the past to the new generation. But,  I bet “WE,” the well mature women will still carry one of these finest linens hankie in our purse after we bathe the in our favorite French perfume.

Classy, Mmmmm!!!

So, I look forward to hearing from you. And, thanks in advance for your support.

Sign by: Nadège Moïse

P.S. Hope to be remembered as an: Artist, Designer, Writer, (Maybe a chef).