My Culinary Exploits

From my early teen,  I had a passion for cooking was a natural instinct for me. But, it was not the same case for my baking talent. I recalled the first time  I attempted the puff pastry recipes. The patties were so hard, my father could have used them as brick for his next construction.  Everyone ate them anyway.  The following weekend, I made my first cake from scratch; it was a success. I can still visualize the smile on my father’s face. In fact, he almost ate the whole cake.

One weekend, while my Step Mom went to New York for a few days, my father fired our maid.  Not only she couldn’t cook, but she was very partial. She felt like she didn’t have to serve me since I was a step child. And one particular night, my father witnessed her in action.

“Who are you talking to?” My Father asked her. ” She didn’t realize my father was standing on the stairway. He was so furious, he asked her to leave that same night.

It was a Saturday night, and usually, our traditional squash soup is prepared on time for our family to dine after Mass by Sunday morning. Around five A.M. I had an urge to just go in the kitchen and start cooking. I thought it was a crazy thought since I had never observed the maid preparing the squash soup before. Eventually, I obeyed my intuition. Thank God I did. I smelled each ingredient to determine when to incorporate them in the soup. And, by the time my father and my siblings woke up, the soup was ready.

I recalled the look on my father’s face when he told us, “After church, we are going to Mme Coulange house for breakfast.” But, I answered him, “Papy, I already prepared the soup.”

“You prepared the soup?” He answered shockingly. A question mark, along with the thought “Oh my God, I’m going to die today, “was written all over his face. But I guess he  wanted to support my effort, so he said, “Ok, we will have soup after church then.”

My brother had a different reaction, of course. “Oh God! The moody storm rampaged the kitchen today, and she’s calling it “Soup,” so we’re are dead meat.” I wanted to choke him of course, but since the majority of the times,I did enjoy his tease, I knew I would miss him. Yes, my brother earned a degree in annoyance, and I was his internship ground.

However, the end result was astonishing. My Father, and even my brother kept on saying: “You knew how to prepare this tasty soup and for the past months we’ve been forcing ourselves to drink that  Medusa’s soup?” (They didn’t call her that, but that’s my name for her.)

My answer, “I didn’t know either, I just guessed it!”

Going forward,  I was cooking every weekend. From that day, I had a free pass to my father’s pocket, as long as I wanted to practice my recipes. He never complained of diarrhea either, so I was convinced my culinary exploits were safe to eat. So the following year, I surprised him with a dinner party for his birthday. He was so proud. Of course, he almost ate all his birthday cake by himself AGAIN!

Below are some of my pastries and dishes. I lost all my pictures from my previous computer. So now, I have to start a whole new album.

puff pastries

pastries revised

Soufflé de Maïs or corn Soufflé is one of our family favorite dish.  Although it does not look too appealing, but once you start eating it, you just won’t stop. Not everyone can master this dish as well.




Souffle de mais

More to come.