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Why Are We Afraid Of Dying?

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If heaven is such a blissful place, why are we afraid of dying?

I heard, the splendor of heaven is so unbelievable, it’s simply impossible to describe.

And, for those who believe in the scripture, we read:  “Eyes have not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love him.”

Furthermore, let’s not forget the countless reports of outer body experiences. Many claimed to have had a  foretaste of the glorious realm. Such ecstatic, so overwhelmed with happiness, their wish – to remain in heaven.

I personally saw myself walking down the street of gold one night. Yes. I’m sure it was heaven. NOT HELL. (In fact, my business proposition was to carry some of the gold from up there, back on earth with me. Yes, I had intended  to open my own jewelry store. Of course I would donate some to charity!) But I got kicked out of heaven, before my request was approved. Why? Because my guardian angel and I had a furious disagreement. When I asked him if he could carry the  gold back with us? His answer was: “The only heavy load I’m assigned to carry back is YOU.”

Ok. So I was expelled from the most glorious place, called heaven. Honestly, while being there, I truly had forgotten about  all my hardship here on earth. In fact, I did not want to come back. I held to a golden pole for so long, they had to drag me from there. Lastly,  they had to remind me of my girls, who were still very young; therefore I had to come back.

Speaking of grand opportunity? Heaven is it! So why are we so afraid of dying?

Could it be because of the unknown? Now, you should know: ” I’m talking about you guys, not me!”

As for me, I already did my homework. I read the instruction how to get there, and I’m also making sure that I maintain my personal relationship with the King from up there. Trust me on that.

Plus to be on the safe side,  I still have the gate key, which  I stole last time I was up there.

So my advise to you: “You work out your own salvation!” And, no. I can’t give you a copy of my key.

Can you guys think of any reason, “Why we are so afraid of dying?” If so, please let me know.