Month: September 2016

Simply Brilliant!

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I once thought I was going to be a fashion designer. But life happened. But a couple days ago, while I was painting,  it dawned on me, ” I can still follow my dream. I’m an artist, am I not?”

So, guess what? Going forward, I’ve decided to incorporate some of my fashion inspirations through my paintings. Check out the lady in blue with her head wrapped. By the way, I DESIGNED the shoes too. Well! I’m a shoe designer in progress, so don’t be too harsh on me.

The Title of this painting is “The Freedom To Express Yourself”

Yes, we are women, and we can make a bold statement even through our silence. Our style does define us at some level, don’t you think?

Waiting on your feedback!






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We Are What We Read

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“My Mom’s Friend Mother”

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Last week, two beautiful children graced my presence. They called me “My Mom’s friend Mother.” Isn’t that great?

Imagine while I was painting, the oldest boy sits right next to me, while he was conversing with his friend. And he would occasionally take a pick at my work to give me his feedback. His body language and verbiage would categorize him in the young entrepreneur section from an elite magazine. And, as if he was the gallery owner orchestrating my next art exposition, he would say,

“Maybe you should put a little sand over there by the lake, or “brush a little red over there!”  I would smile.

The following morning, after he grabbed his chair to occupy his usual spot, he yelled,

“Wow! “Now, this should be in the museum!”

“From the mouth of the babe!” I thought. But, I quietly smiled before I thanked him. And, of course, as soon as his younger sister heard him, she ran inside the garage toward us.

(Whispering: “Don’t tell my daughter, but this is where I established my painting room before she kicks me out of her house.”)

Now, let’s get back to my story. After his young sister ran toward us, she, in turn, placed her left hand on her hip, while nodding her head she said, “Mm! Now this is a very nice painting!”

The expression on her face was simply to die for. While conversing with her, she always comes across as an old soul, with her mind way too brilliant for her tiny body. She’s just an adorable little creature, her knowledge surpassed her time. So, of course, I received both compliments with open arms. And, just about then I heard,

“Guess what?” It was her brother conversing with his friend on skype. He said,

“My Mom’s friend’s Mother is an artist, and I helped her polish one of her painting. “SO, WHEN SHE  becomes famous, I’ll be famous too.”

I nodded my head to say, “You’ll go down in history as the young man who varnished my painting!”

“You heard that?” He said with excitement.

“Wow! Let me see her work.” His friend replied. The young boys face shunning like the moon in its full glory. So he asked me,

“My friend wants to see your painting, can I show him?”

“Hey!” I figured. “I have angels applauding my artwork, so why not enjoy the ride?” Anyway, in my opinion, whether one is an emerging artist such as myself, or as famous as Rembrandt, one should always applaud the children artistic enthusiasm?

So for me, it was an honor. A time, a moment I will cherish for the rest of my artistic career. And I do hope someday, perhaps, during a time, a moment, they too will have the opportunity to say “I remember her!”

Yes, I’ve been busy painting my heart out. And glad to report, “I’m finally stepping out from my comfort zone.”  Therefore, I’m building my artist website, and showcasing my work in new horizons.

Although last month, my first priority was to complete my book, but somehow I ended up with a writer’s block.

Well, I did complete one book project for which I’m proud of. But I was just the ghostwriter. Bomber! Can you believe this? I wrote my heart out, but “THEY” will get the credit as the author.”  But, what can I say? After I read the payment agreement, I swear it was a done deal!

“Half payment upfront” and “the balance paid upon completion.” Damn! I was so broke, I would have taken ten dollars upfront!  After they sent me the contract, the first page I looked for was the payment agreement. Afterward, I was so busy writing that I couldn’t even find the time to broil my daily tea. Honestly, even my body had to plead for mercy, “Please, can you give me a bath?” To top it all, later on, while I was editing I found out I must have written some of the chapters in my sleep. Because in several times, I had to pause and asked myself, “Hold on! When did I write these pages?”

Yap! It took me less than a Month to write a novel. Hooray Nadege!

Ok! So what else I haven’t told you guys? I’m trying to keep you all posted about my borrowing life since we haven’t chat in a while.

Oh yes! If 2016 kills one more member of my family, I swear I will turn into an anti-year. I will shake her so hard, while I wring her neck that SHE’LL end up taking her own freaking life!!!

Can you believe this? In less than six Months I lost my brother, my father, and a little angel I called my niece. “Shame on you 2016!” (Deep breath.) “I had to get that out of the way before you read the following.”

Lastly, guess what? I had the nerve to request an appraisal for one of my abstract painting. And, after excruciating days of waiting, he gave me a “Five figures quote,” so I answered:

“When was the last time you went to see an Ophthalmologists? Would you mind if I pay for your next visit?”

Hah-hah-hah! I’m back!!!


My painting entitled ” The Circle of Life” The one below “Mom’s Provision.”

circle of life 1xxx

Mom's provision 4 with c