Strange Delight

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Busy writing my essays, so the next few days I will be REBLOG-GING!!!


It’s about four A.M. and I just can’t manage to fall asleep. So  I thought I would make myself a cup of tea before I rushed in the garage, to start working on my next painting.

Yes, moments like this, with nostalgia encroaching my soul,I find my refuge in my artwork. For as soon as I start painting, it feels as if I’m diving myself into a soothing enchanting bath.
Of course,  my cup of  chamomile tea often helps.  However, as soon as  grab a hold of my canvas and my brushes I can feel the atmosphere changing; electrifying by the spirit of creativity. This thought comes to mind “Anything is possible”.

“Oh dear friend, where have you been?”  I’ll say.

“Are you talking to me you lazy brat – Do you know how long we’ve been trying to get your attention  to finish this work you’ve started?”
“Ok, ok!…

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