Blessing In Disguise

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Yesterday it occurred to me that ninety percent of all  my paintings were portraying either a pregnant woman or a mother holding a baby. Well, I did paint a father with her baby girl once. so I have to conclude that there must be something special about children in general that bring the best out of me. So I had to ask myself, “Whats wrong with that picture?

Yes, I love children. They are so genuine and so hilarious, they truly make me smile, even at my worst state. But now, I want to forget the joyful days of motherhood. My girls are grown, and I doubt if they spend a second of their time reminiscing on the old fun days. Now it’s time to focus on my retirement, so I can enjoy the few days I have left .

So, I said to myself, “Going forward, I don’t care if children  are angels or demons, I’m changing gear. Yes, no more display of tender love between a mother and her innocent little baby. Or a father’s joy and pride, while showing off her little girl.

And Yes I meant it!!!

So, check out my latest painting entitled: “Blessing In Disguise”







And, this time, “I MEANT IT!!!

One thought on “Blessing In Disguise

    Karmughil Vannan said:
    August 6, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Yes I agree. There has to some time allocated to ourselves. I definitely agree. Beautiful paintings by the way!! 🙂

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