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Nature mirror

A woman after countless glance, while adorning herself, asked the mirror:

“Mirror-Mirror on the wall who is the loveliest of all?”

“The mirror bluntly answered her: “Trust me dear, NOT YOU.”

The woman was furious, she slapped the mirror with her towel, as she yelled back:

“And you should be talking? You’re nothing but a fragile glass, with no gender, or character. You imitate the shape of everyone who stands before you… And because you so envious of us, you attempt to seep the life from our soul. Yes, you’re nothing but a leach!”

The mirror calmly answered back: “Oh yeah! Guess what you vain flesh? I’ve had saggy breasts, fat bellies, mushy butts, bad mood cats, Rottweiler dogs, boring ghosts, and even anopheles mosquitoes passed by here; but, I only look ugly whenever you stand before me. So, do me a gigantic favor will you?… DROP DEAD!

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