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The Saint Cow

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My niece took me to a hot spot for some delicioso tacos last week. They were so tasty that I cordially invited myself back to their lobby yesterday.

But, after the young Mexican descent cashier said, “Ok, the toto is Dthirthy djuu Dolla.” I yelled back: “Thirty two dollars for what?”

“For dyour order.” He answered with a forceful smile.

“But, we only ordered six tacos and some drinks?”

“Yes. I know.” But it’s still Dthirthy djuu DOLLA!”

Although I highly admired his boldness, I was still outraged by the high cost. I’m talking about a fast food place, and, our order consisted of six dry corn tortilla layered with the smell of beef; sprinkled with diced onion and cilantro. But the spicy sauce does cry out: “Please keep eating ME and pay another $32.00 for six tacos.” But, regardless; in my opinion, I still felt it was a threat for bankruptcy.

Besides, since I wasn’t the one paying, I had to create some humor. That’s the least I could have done, don’t you think?

I did give my niece my heartfelt condolences for the death of her wallet, and promised to contribute for the funeral process.

Plus, I could tell the young cashier and I had a special connection. Yes, although his face was competing with the sunlight, while drops of sweats fell off like wax from a lit candle. However, humor was dripping off his hair, like black jell on weaves.

To prove my point, when he saidDyou ordered Beef tacos which are more expensive than…”

I answered, “This cow better have been a saint with Jesus blood running through its veins.”

With enthusiasm he said:  “Dsure was; it was shipped all the way from India!”

the cow

“Yes!” I thought. My kind of cashier!

What do you think?

 This story is Friction or Non-Friction?

Or, could it be a blend of both?



Interesting Conversation Phase II

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Haiti Art





While at the store, I noticed a handsome set of blue eyes staring at me from a distance.  I could tell from his age range, he could still befriend a beautiful calendar, but that didn’ stop me from blushing anyway.

Hey, why should I care? Demi Moore did it! Besides,  desperation plays an important role in a cougar’s lifestyle.                       

But I hate to burst your bubble. The fact is, while I was fantasizing, “How sexy I would look wearing my little black dress on my first date.” A lioness decided to block my view.

I was abruptly awakened when I heard.

“Oh my God! You look just like Gando’s grand-daughter!”

After I rolled up my eyes to signal to her “How I wished she would buzz off;”  with a fake smile masking my face, I forced myself to answer back.

“And you must be from?”

Thank God she interrupted me. I was about to say “From hell.” But she beat me to it. Except, she used a much familiar version.

“Yes, I’m from Haiti.”

“Yes.” I said while shaking my head. “I can see the large “H” on your forehead.

Of course, she didn’t get my point. In fact, she thought I was joking.

Yes. My people are everywhere. Do you recalled when David asked God: “Where can I flee from Your presence?” It would be ironic to ask my fellow Haitian that question.

I bet you one of them might be working all the way in the Republic of China, as a security guard for Xi Jinping.

What worse, my crush could practically hear everything she was saying.

“You used to pi in bed when you were a little girl, do you remember that?” She asked me.

This is when I appreciate my skin tone being on the darker side. Otherwise, at this point, one could have easily mistaken me for a pile of plum tomatoes.  And, before I could answer her back, I noticed my crush took one step closer toward us.

I blushed some more before I answered, “Yes, I do remember. In fact, I invented the word “Bathtub” How could I forget?

“Oh my God!” She yelled.  “You are so funny. Do you still bite your nails too?”

By then, the young Siberian husky with the blue eyes was glued next to me. I guess he was amused by my embarrassment. So, while he was smiling, I was in tears.

blue eyes dog


I forced myself to take a deep breath before I answered the messenger from hell.

“Bite my nails? In fact for my girls manicure, I recalled when they were younger, there were no need for a nail clipper.”

By then she was laughing so hard, she had teary eyes. When she finally stop laughing, she said.

“Commère sure would have been thrilled to see you  again.”

“Commère? I don’t remember her, who is she?” I asked her.

“Oh! She was the neighbor who use to talk about you.  She passed away when I was twelve.”

P.S. BEWARE – This is a fiction story.

Hahahaha! I bet you thought it really happened!


belle Haitienne

My Beautiful people.

The painting is from another artist.


Passionate Living

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Passionate living, what are your secrets?

WIth wather
“Wake up early


Greet your Creator

Inhale the fresh air
Bathe in the sunrise

Smell the roses

flowers            And,

“Smile, while you create something BEAUTIFUL.”


Dedicated to my sister Elsie Moïse.  I love you Sis!