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Both of my cats Miko and Moina were placed to sleep today. I was forced to learn the meaning of the word euthanasia, and I will forever hate this word with a passion.


No, I’m not a happy camper. In fact, I’m so hurt, I feel like someone pulled off my guts while my head is constantly spinning. Although I keep convincing myself it’s merely a dream, however, whenever reality hits, I feel as if my cats were ripped apart from my chest, after being sliced and diced and carefully marinated with lime and hot pepper; I’m standing there watching their mutilated body, over and over.

Yes. My beautiful cats are now DEAD.

Sadly to say, I’m not the only one mourning for them. Two of my daughters were very close to them as well. In fact, they spoiled them and taught them tricks, even conversed with them as if…

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