Speechless Phase II

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Old lady

I took the liberty to help an elderly woman cross the street. She thanked me of course. But, just when I was ready to walk away I heard, “Can you see the church to my left?”

After a quick glimpse, I thought to myself, “If indeed there is a church  nearby, I’m certain that only the letter “H” remains from the word church.”

“Are you sure you’re heading the right direction?” I asked the old lady.

“Of course I’m! Don’t think because I’m blind, I can’t tell where am going?  I’m eighty-three years old, I still have all my brain cells left. Look carefully to my left again, the church should be right there.”

Thankfully, I didn’t’ have to look any further. An older frail looking caucasian man recognized my torn in the flesh.

“Church is over Larna, where you think you going?”

“Maybe for you, but ain’t over for me.” Then, as she turned her head toward me, she said, “Where are you. young lady?”

Like a lamb dragged to the slaughter, I answered back.

“Still here Larna.”

“Oh, you here!” She replied. As if we had formed an oral contract earlier.

As we walked toward the back alley, she remained quiet. So, for a cup of humor, I though I would encourage to talk.

“So, your name is Larna; beautiful name!”

 “I was born  LORNA, I’m not about to change my name NOW.”

“Oh! My apology.” Thank God, before she could utter another word, two young girls rushed  toward her with open arms.

“Larna, you made it! Church is over but Mamma is still serving pastries.”

“Aren’t we glad to see you Larna; saved you  your favorite cookies, come and sit down here.”

“And some coffee too?”

“Of course!”

“Don’t forget the sugar.”

“Yes. Lots of sugar.” Afterward, the young woman pleasantly smiled, as she turned her attention to me for a cordial invitation.

But, something more interesting caught my attention. Norma was not eating. Instead, she was desperately rampaging her purse.

“Are you ok Norma?” The pastor asked her.

She swung her head around as if she had suddenly received the gift of sight. Then she said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I lost my pack of cigarette earlier, now I realized I left my marijuana bag at home. “You don’t happen to keep some in the church do you? ”

The pastor’s  face including myself?





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