My New Song

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Bing-A-Ding… Bing-A-Ding…Boom-Boom!

Of course, you must be wondering about my new song?  Let me give you a hint: ” Once upon a time, I had a car which sounded just like that. It was a gremlin which I bought for $150.00 from one of the Northrop University student.


Guess what? When I attempted to get a tune up at the Pep Boys, the mechanics there refused to touch the car. Why? Because the motor was tied up with a cord.

Oh my God! We all had a good laugh.

“Didn’t you check the motor before you purchased the car?” They asked me.

“I didn’t know it had a motor. What does it look like?” I answered back.

“Well,” One of the guys answered, “It’s really hard to show you the motor because it’s fully wrapped… If I were you, I would stop driving this car.”

I answered, “But, I’ve been driving it  every day from Long Beach to Los Angeles for the past year, and it never stopped. Why should I stop now?”

Yap! You guess right. I drove it for another year and finally gave it to another student, who  offered me $300.00 even after he saw the special treatment on the motor. But, I chose to give it away instead.

So, do you think I’m crazy for humming this song in honor of my first car?

I don’t think so!

At least, I got you to read my story. And, it seems like you ‘re still reading it too.


Hey! Stop laughing at my song. This is an original!!!

P.S. This is a true story.



2 thoughts on “My New Song

    Karmughil Vannan said:
    March 31, 2016 at 9:53 pm

    Bing-Bing… I loved it. By the way.. I was following you but don’t know how its unfollowed.. So following u again. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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