My New Wold

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It’s been over a week since I’ve been here, and I’m still under the impression perhaps death took me by surprise, and I finally woke up in heaven.

Why? Because in my new world, I’m surrounded by old friends and family members. I’m talking about genuine people with selfless gestures, and no threat of hypocritical sting.

They smile from within. They give wholeheartedly. They help selflessly.

They deliberately value every moment they spend together like precious jewels. They are like fresh roses, so tightly knitted together, they form a beautiful tapestry, and the aroma of love is inevitable.

Yes, their notable generosity and selfless gestures surpassed the norm.  And, as they remind me of the pleasant days we shared together back in the eighty’s, I truly feel in my BAIN.

After church, we head toward one of the siblings, or the aunties, where the family meal is prepared. Those absent are either working or living in another state.

While my sister in Law is cooking, my older niece is impersonating Trump. She makes it her business to follow his every move. She sounds just like him too. By the time she delivers her briefs, we all have teary eyes from laughter.

At one point I thought: “Interesting, America will finally have a first lady with an accent.”

But, another answered, “No, she would first have to learn how to speak English.”

“STOP THE PRESS!” My sister in law yelled. “You mean, he’s married to an immigrant, while he…?”

Imagine the steam from the living room while over ten women are deliberating on Trump’s future insane asylum.

Yes, laughter is my new bathtub, and love is my shower gel.

So, welcome to my new world!


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