Hey Luck! Stop Drizzling. Its Time For Some Real Rain :)

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About time!


Do you consider yourself lucky?

I know many of you will say ‘Yes’ which is understood!  All of us have many things that others lack, isn’t it enough reason to feel lucky?

But what I am asking here is that have you ever been lucky to the extent that good things start following you wherever you go? And you are like what is happening with me?

Well, recently I had one such lucky moment. As one of my New Year resolutions is to socialize more; I am honestly working on it by managing my time. And when a lady from the social group, joined recently by me, asked for my immediate presence at a small gathering, I couldn’t refuse!

I was supposed to be at the decided place at 4:30 and there I was dot on time. After seeing very fancy decoration outside the restaurant, I thought for a sec…

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