The Death of Thrift Shops

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brussels lace


I was still feeling blahhh today, when I thought, “Why not visit the nearby thrift shops? After all, since we’re still in Los Angeles, the City of Angels; what better place to hunt for some rare vintage?”

Boy, was I wrong! My sister and I went to three different thrift shops, and when we finally went back  home, we were each holding a tiny bag. Trust me, that’s very unusual. Hope you know what I mean.

So, do I feel any better now? Of course not.

Well, since hunting the thrift shops totally failed the “Make me happy test” now I’m not only mourning for the death of my brother, but I’m heartbroken for the sterile state of the thrift shops in this town; at least the ones I visited.

So, it’s time to take some drastic measures. Hopefully, a great comedy movie should do the trick, don’t you think?

I heard, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”  is playing. So my sister and I are planning to visit the Hollywood theater on Hollywood Blvd, in order to watch it there.  I better laugh my heart out. Else, I would give the crew a horrible rating.

While I’m there, I plan to place my own star on Hollywood walk of fame.  And since I refuse to cooperate with the outrageous fees I suppose one must gladly pay, in order to have million of pedestrians swipe their duty shoes on your name, I will just glue my homemade marble star on top of Marilyn Monroe’s. Her initial is “MM”, while mine is “NM”; close enough, don’t you think?

But, I will definitely engrave MY NAME next to Dorothy Lamour  and Sophia Loren stars. My type of ladies! Sophia Loren

dorothy lamour

So I suggest you watch the news today. If you hapen to notice  a handcuffs woman smiling, while faking speaking Italian before a judge, it will be me.

So  before I take off, let me say in advance, “Nice meeting you as well.”

Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.



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