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30-Day Minimalism Challenge

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Both of my cats Miko and Moina were placed to sleep today. I was forced to learn the meaning of the word euthanasia, and I will forever hate this word with a passion.


No, I’m not a happy camper. In fact, I’m so hurt, I feel like someone pulled off my guts while my head is constantly spinning. Although I keep convincing myself it’s merely a dream, however, whenever reality hits, I feel as if my cats were ripped apart from my chest, after being sliced and diced and carefully marinated with lime and hot pepper; I’m standing there watching their mutilated body, over and over.

Yes. My beautiful cats are now DEAD.

Sadly to say, I’m not the only one mourning for them. Two of my daughters were very close to them as well. In fact, they spoiled them and taught them tricks, even conversed with them as if they were human.


Honestly, you too, if you had a chance to meet Miko and Moina, you would have a hard time believing they were from the animal kingdom.

Particularly Miko, who thought he was the royal prince I never had.

Yes, Miko ruled over the whole house. He even believed he had the legal right to remain in the bathroom while we the ladies were bathing. Although I questioned him several times, but it didn’t make any difference.

“Miko, may I remind you that you are a MALE cat, therefore it’s improper for a young man to stare at a woman nakedness the way you are.”
You heard him correctly! “You telling me this because?” Was usually his answer.

By then we couldn’t dare close the bathroom door prior to a formal invitation to Mr. Miko. As if he expected us to roll over a red carpet for His highness presence. Any action short of his expectation, we would never stop hearing his frustrated “MEOW MEOW MEOW.”

Furthermore, apart from his meow and literal slaps, Prince Miko will continue his tireless push and shove toward the door, just like a little boy having a tantrum until he’s reassured he was finally standing by the tub.

And, whenever we were washing our face, there he was as well, standing near the sink attentively watching us.

“Miko, you are a cat, you can’t wash your face.” I would yell at him.

“Meow!” He would shout back.

“Yeah!” I would answer him back. “In your past life, you were probably a wife beater or a womanizer, so you better don’t go and brag about our sexy naked figure to your fellow cats either. Else, I will sue you for PlayBoy enticement. Oh, no! I meant to say “PlayCat Enticement!”

Miko also enjoyed reading. In fact, whenever he felt I was writing for an extended time, his jealous streaks will certainly sparkle. That’s when he’ll slowly crawl his fat body on the bed to lay himself on my PC.


“Miko, I’m writing, can’t you see that?”

And, while I pull his stubborn body off my PC, he’ll finally settle down either on my book or my lap, while he curves his body comfortably.

Early in the morning, Miko was always the first one to wake up. I guess he figured he was the only man living in the house among us four ladies. So, he would walk close enough to nudge my forehead with his chin. And, whenever I ignored him, he will stand on my bed to stare at me for a few second, to make sure I was not faking my sleep before he walked away to annoy his next victims. Eventually, if we continued to ignore him, he will jump on the dresser while shaking his tails sideways. Then beware! Because he’ll start throwing anything he can grab on the floor in order to convince us to wake up.

“Miko, get away from my jewelry box, do you hear me?”
“Meow!” Meaning, “Wake up then.”

Else, he will start pushing my paintings against the wall until they fall on the ground.
“Miko, if you scratch my paintings, I will slap you!” I would yell back at him.

As if he understood me, he will raise his head to stare at me for a few seconds, before he drops his fat self on one of the paintings he threw on the floor.

“Ok fatso! The fight is on!!!” I would yell. “No wonder God sent you back as a spoiled cat, I bet you were once a mean old man!”
“Well, you better be thankful you were not sent back to live in a tiny jail cell with a fat cat who would choke the life out of you!”
After our morning fights, he would run off to theorize Moina, the female cat. But Moina is pretty much like me. Sometimes she treasures her personal space. So, eventually, she’ll slap the crap out of Miko. But, like a typical man, he would just stare at her out of admiration before he jumps back on my bed for his peaceful rest. And we dare not make any noise. Because Prince Mikko must sleep.


But life happens. Life challenges are no respecter of human, needless to say of animals. Yes, Life cruel impact lingered throughout this year, and my girls and I felt her gripping anger toward us. As a result, we could no longer keep our beautiful cats. And we feared since we did not find a rich old woman to care for them, they would be mistreated elsewhere. For, we had spoiled them too much.

So needless to say how today I’m not a happy camper. I hate life PERIOD. I can’t stand the sun shining, the breeze from the wind; and I certainly don’t want to listen to the beautiful birds while they sing their praises to the Almighty.

Why? Because my best friends are now dead. I’m emotionally crushed, disturbed and lastly furious.

So, since I enjoy eating whenever I’m depressed while my mourn for my cats I will spend my time eating like a pig while I paint a bunch of ugly people to express my anger toward the Giants from up there.

In fact, they better don’t even come near me. Else, I will pluck off the feathers from their wings and make sure I seal them back on their eyelashes with crazy glue.

Maybe that will make me feel better. I don’t know. I will have to see first. In fact, I might keep you posted.


This is Miko being angry at us for pulling his ear while he was sleeping. After he jumped to literally slap us, he then “MEOW!!!” Before he covered his face to go back to sleep.

If you ask me, when God was creating Cats he was certainly thinking of my family.
Well, correction. “He was thinking of me and my two younger daughters.”

Because my two oldest can’t stand cats. BRATS!

God, please do me this honor. When they get to heaven, let them be surrounded by CATS. And, may you grant my Miko and Moina to rule over the kingdom of cats, while they remember who my two older daughters are!!!
My last wish to Miko and Moina:
“Have no mercy on cats haters!!!”


Silence Please!

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What? Did you expect to read my latest story?

What’s wrong with you? I said “SILENCE!” Your teacher never told you to “Hush, be quiet?”

Exactly! Silence means, “Complete absence of sound. Quietness, quiet, quietude still, stillness,  tranquility, noiselessness.”

Synonyms to “Soundlessness, peacefulness, peace and quiet.”

So you see,  I can’t type.

Now, I’ll let you know once I’m done painting my Michaeldevil-O.

Yes, since Michaelangelo is already taken, my new artist name is Michaeldevil-O; close, but, with a little twist at the end.

I thought, since Michaelangelo was obsessed with angels, probably had to do with his name, I wouldn’t be surprise if I started painting demons.

Oops! I just felt the urge to watch the Movie “The Exorcist.” You think that’s a  start?


Will keep you posted.

Will be back by next week. Take care.