Something Beautiful

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I’m a freak for beautiful things. Seriously; I will buy a set of porcelain plates  just because I think the artist deserves an applaud.

porcelain plate


I wish I could say the same for my children, but… God knows where those Mohicans came from.

Beautiful plate, wouldn’t you say? Sometimes, I just gaze at these beautiful creation just to admire the artist brilliance. That’s why  I don’t negotiate my collections with anyone; not even with my children. Because my brats are yet to learn how to appreciate the value of artistic creations.

What can I say? I learned the hard way. I once had an antique table which I proudly gave to my first born. A couple weeks later, I almost had a heart attack when I  visited her. And for her, it was like “What’s the big deal?”

“What happened to  the table?” I asked her.

“Oh! I forgot the iron was hot when I placed it there.”

Since that day, I vowed “NEVER to trust anyone of those intruders with my collection until the day I can confuse their gray hair with pure white thread.

So, after my second daughter brought her house, guess what I did?  I took pictures of everything I carried to her house. Not that she cares either. Check out my notes:



I don’t know, it’s something about beautiful site, that just takes my breath away. I will stop driving just to take a picture. Sometimes it’s the blinding colors from the sunrise; or, a beautiful garden. I feel anything beautiful is worth preserving.

For instance, my daughter has a beautiful crystal chandelier in her dining room. Look at  it:  The picture is not flattering enough, but trust me, it’s beautiful!


I’m also a freak when it comes to beautiful fabrics,  French and  Brussels laces… And you know what bother’s me? I practically have to hunt the thrift shop in order to find these valuable treasures. Now everything is from China, so we only get the make believe ones. Look at the French lace below. If I could still find this edging lace design, I would make myself a beautiful gown, and whenever I wear it, I would never speak to anyone ever again.

brussels lace

Handmade lace

Now this is what I call a wedding handkerchief. No wonder the old folks marriage lasted forever. I bet you the wives did everything in their power to please their husband. Why? Because  he was more likely the one paying the mortgage, so she had to reassure she had a place to safeguard her handkerchief collection. And, don’t forget her silverwares either!

Lastly, today a few swans came to visit our backyard. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen ducks, flamingo, but never swans. My daughter even said:

“Mom, I’ve never seen swans since I’ve lived here, you think they were angels who came to visit us?

I answered her “Honey, we live in Florida, way too close to the Caribbean. I doubt the angels would risk breaking their wings with all the demons who live down here!”

angels in disguise

Angels in disguise? No wonder they only remained in our backyard, hell is probably two floats away!!!



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    Marcia Strykowski said:
    March 2, 2016 at 12:41 pm

    All SO beautiful!

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