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The (Birth)day Lessons

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I love this post . Finally someone who speaks my language on child birth.

Just Follow the Joy

Today my daughter turns three! I have to admit, I’ve been a bit nostalgic.

Yesterday I wrote about howpregnancy taught me skills that have served me as a parent.Today I thought I’d write the same about mydaughter’s birth.

Not the BIRTH STORY story. That would take a novel. My daughter’s birthwas the equivalent of baptism by fire. Abig ol’ metaphorfor the wild ride to come. At times unexpected and intense, always driven by a curious and determined child, and scattered with tiny miracles.

For now I thought I’d share a few take-aways* that three years later still stand out.

Birth Lesson One: Listen to Your Gut

At 8pm on the night before my daughter was born I could be found dashing around a nearly-empty Target store in Des Moines, Iowa. I waslike a mad woman, determined to pickup the finalremainingodds and ends on my baby list. Loaded with infant…

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My Hideous Boots

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Today I’m not happy. I received bad news for one of my daughters. Somewhat a personal matter, which I can’t really share.
I figure, the best way I can deal with this stress is to laugh my heart out. So I thought I would share another painting of mine. By mere coincidence I started painting it yesterday, before I received the news.

Yes, that little girl is me. And yes, I was wearing my boots on the wrong feet. No big deal! I was six and still getting a whooping for wearing them that way. I just couldn’t understand why my mother was so blind. Because, I always thought to myself, “What’s wrong with her? The shoes are fine!”
Of course I hated those boots, but I had to wear them everywhere I went. Why? Because I was bow legged. LOL
But, keep in mind, wearing those hideous boots were the least of my problem. If you noticed, I’m actually wearing a couture dress in my favorite color. Yes, that hair style was typical back then; our hair were garnished with enough barrettes, if we wanted to, we could have opened an accessory store.

Furthermore, after they tortured us with that puffy hair style, don’t forget the jewelry, the lace sock, and the ruffle pantie. (Well, I didn’t mind the ruffles since it made my butt look bigger.) Yes, it was like a love affair to remember, for both, church and picture day.

“Sit, and don’t move.” That was what was expected of me, after I was decorated like a Christmas tree. But, I wasn’t about to wait till they turn on the lights, for me to start sparkling. I was a busy buddy. Although, that day I did behave/ Of course, right before l heard the mango calling my name. My grandmother had brought a whole basket from the Countryside. And that one, was set aside just for me. You can guess the end of the story.

If you are wondering if I’m sitting on a vase? The answer is yes. I had to pi, what did you expect me to do? I wasn’t crazy enough to run in the bathroom where my mother was getting ready.

100_5035Lastly, you might be asking yourself “How did I managed to escape from that big one?”
Thank God, my Godmother showed up just on time. My face, my dress, even my shoes were sabotage by the mango. So she kidnapped me. My Mom didn’t see me until the following week.
What? Cinderella wasn’t the only one who had a fairy God-Mother!100_5038

THE LADY IN BLUE – “Highly Favored”

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Ok. Below is my latest painting, entitled “Highly Favored.”

Seriously, don’t you think she’s highly favored? The woman has a naked angel crowning her with flowers. I bet you she’s Royalty too. Probably why the little angel is mesmerized by her beauty.  Its either that or, she’s probably wearing J’adore by DIOR.

Yes, she’s pregnant. And, since those little brats don’t come out holding  a manual, I decided to write one for her. The first page will read as follows:

“Beware, they do grow horns as they get older; so enjoy them while you can!”

Trust me, I welcome suggestions or critics, so let me hear from you.

Besides, I’m a duck, I don’t get wet.



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Nature mirror


A woman after countless glance, while adorning herself, asked the mirror:

“Mirror-Mirror on the wall who is the loveliest of all?”

“The mirror bluntly answered her: “Trust me dear, NOT YOU.”

The woman was furious, she slapped the mirror with her towel, as she yelled back:

“And you should be talking? You’re nothing but a fragile glass, with no gender, or character. You imitate the shape of everyone who stands before you… And because you so envious of us, you attempt to seep the life from our soul. Yes, you’re nothing but a leach!”

The mirror calmly answered back: “Oh yeah! Guess what you vain flesh? I’ve had saggy breasts, fat bellies, mushy butts, bad mood cats, Rottweiler dogs, boring ghosts, and even anopheles mosquitoes passed by here; but, I only look ugly whenever you stand before me. So, do me a gigantic favor will you?… DROP DEAD!

Colada – Spice From Hong Kong To Paris – Limerick Poem

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Limerick Poem

Colada – Spice From Hong Kong To Paris

There was a time I loved my spice.
A little zing of fiery blast taste in my rice.
But, my maid Larda loved her Colada,
So did Moina and my dog Dada.
Now my new name is Colada-Spice.

There was a time when I was strong.
Not least challenged to play Ping-Pong.
Those years have gone, now that am old.
Feeling so weak, can’t be too bold.
I live in Hong Kong, farewell my song.

There was a time when I was stunning.
A strange young man gave me a ring.
Are you for real? Give me a scarf!
I may be short, but not a dwarf.
While in Paris, we had a fling in the spring.

By: Nadège Moïse

Miracles For You

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The Lonely Author

Sorry, no comedy today.

Yesterday, I was advised my daughter’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. This week Doctors will confirm if it is advanced as they suspect.

All my life co-workers, acquaintances, friends, neighbors,and step children, ex and current spouse, have turned to me in search of strength. They often said, I could fix anything. Even now, there are days I can almost feel my spine crumbling inside me, yet, everyone still leans on me.

I have always been that defiant person determined to do, what others say can’t be done.

But there are limitations to what I can fix.

Miracles For You

I cant stop the rain from falling
the sun sets far beyond my reach
seasons will always come and go
they were never mine to cease

we were more than passing ships
we shared our child and memories
I would give the things I don’t have

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Definition Of Love!

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“Love is, is how Mommy loves Daddy … and, and Daddy buys her flowers.”

“Love is, is, when your heart beats fast-fast-fast, and, and, you see the girl you like a lot-lot-lot, then you say “Hhhhhh!” And, you smile-smile-smile.”

“Love is, is, like when the sun is shining on your face, you close your eyes, and, and, when you open them again … and, and… when you look at her, she’s like a butterfly, or a beautiful flower… like a rose or something.”

“Love izz… let me seeee! Love izz, when you feel like beating the crap out of a boy whenever they stare at you with that L’OVEY L’OVEY EYES!”

“Love? Love? I… don’t know. Well, I guess… love is when you fight and make up.”

“ LOVE? How the hell should I know? Those girls are freaking crazy!”