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little girl
“Wake up! Wake up!” But, before Rose could realize she was on the floor, the tall meaty woman had grabbed her by her wrist, while she squeezed her nails through her skin.
Rose whispered to herself, “Where am I?”
“Wake up! I said. “And pick up your sheet from the floor!”

As Rose follows the woman, she had a flashback of her mother weeping for her while she tenderly caressed her face. She also remembers when her older brother was holding her tiny hands before she fainted. Later on, while her body laid in what appeared to be a box, although she could see her family’s despair, somehow, she felt like a block of ice; she couldn’t even open her mouth to tell them, “Am still alive.”

Once more the woman’s voice drove her to a panic state when she yelled.
“Here! Put this dress on!”
“But, but where am I?”
“If you ever ask that question again, I’ll teach you a thing or two. The food better be ready by noon and your name is Lucky; you can call me Ma-Bo. That’s all you need to know.’

“But, my name is Rose.”
Rose noticed when Ma-Bo grabbed a large wood stick, so she quietly bent down to tie her shoes. Ma-Bo placed the wood stick on the table, then she hands her a $20.00 bill.
“Here! Buy $10.00 fish, $4.00 rice, .10 cents tomato paste, $2.00 oil. Everyone know me around here, so if you speak to one soul; you’ll never see daylight again. “I better don’t hear any complaint from the other maids who’ll teach you how to cook.”“AND KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!!!”
“Yes, Ma-Bo. But, how… how do I get to?”
“How do what? The flea market is right outside, you can’t miss it.”

Rose started walking the direction Ma-Bo instructed her. But, after an hour walk, she was completely lost, but she dared not speak to anyone. When she finally thought she would walk back to Ma-Bo’s house, she noticed a short dark skin woman was staring at her, as if she had seen a ghost.
“Rose, is that you?”
Rose resiliently answered, “You died too?”
“Died? Your Mamma with you?”
Rose silently shook her head negatively.
The woman still in shock replied, “What a seven-year-old girl doing here alone, nine hours away from home?
Rose answered: “Mamma couldn’t come with me. I died and woke up in hell this morning. My master’s name is Ma-Bo, and she calls me Lucky.”


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