Miracles For You

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The Lonely Author

Sorry, no comedy today.

Yesterday, I was advised my daughter’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. This week Doctors will confirm if it is advanced as they suspect.

All my life co-workers, acquaintances, friends, neighbors,and step children, ex and current spouse, have turned to me in search of strength. They often said, I could fix anything. Even now, there are days I can almost feel my spine crumbling inside me, yet, everyone still leans on me.

I have always been that defiant person determined to do, what others say can’t be done.

But there are limitations to what I can fix.

Miracles For You

I cant stop the rain from falling
the sun sets far beyond my reach
seasons will always come and go
they were never mine to cease

we were more than passing ships
we shared our child and memories
I would give the things I don’t have

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