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train a child

Two gorgeous young girls, being raised in a Christian household; the mother teaching them the wisdom of the day told them:

“You girls should never call each other “stupid or dumb,” or tell each other to “shut up.” In fact you should not use these words, even among your friends. Remember, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.”
The seven year old girl interrupted , “But Mommy, we’re not a man, we’re little girls.”
“I know…. I’m speaking in general.”
The younger sister who was six answered, “You tupid! Don’t t’you under-tand what Mommy is trying to tay?” (She was T-tongued with a smart mouth)
The mother angrily replied, “Hey! Didn’t I just tell you girls, it was impolite to use these words?”
She quickly replied back, “But, Mommy, I didn’t say it from my heart… it just, it just, pup out from my t’lips. You see, like tis.” Sara did a gesture with her hand to show her mother what she was trying to convey.
The mother sympathized with her, continued: “Whatever you utter from your lips, comes from your heart. Therefore you must.” But, before the mother could finish her speech she heard.
“You Dumbo!”
“Oh la-la!” The mother angrily yelled.”
The seven year old spurred, “But Mommy, I – said – Dumbo, that’s not a bad word. Dumbo is a nice way to call my sister stupid!”

After the mother took a deep breath, she continued to reason with the girls: “YOU SHOULD NEVER CALL YOUR SISTER OR ANYONE ELSE STUPID OR DUMBO. DO-YOU-HEAR-ME?”
Both little girls innocently answered, “Yes Mommy.”

Finally, the mother walked away relieved, hoping the two girls digested the words of wisdom for that day. But to her surprise, the same afternoon, while she was on the phone, she heard:
“Woo, Mommy, Sara said the bad word!”

“What bad word?” The Mother yelled back.
“She said “stupid” Mommy.”
“Sara, come here right now!”

When Sara finally dragged herself to the kitchen, before her mother could utter a word, she said.

“Mommy, I, I wasn’t talting to my tister, I, I was talting to the tdevil!”
Yes, my brilliant six year older daughter, looked at me straight in my eyes to tell me “She was not talking to her sister, but she was talking to the devil.”

Imagine this? I could hear my girlfriend laughing historically from the phone, while all along she was warning me, “You better don’t touch that child; she’s too brilliant.”

Finally, with an expressionless mode glued on my face, I managed to order her to, “Go to your room in time out, till I figure out what to do with you!”

But the honest truth was, I didn’t want her to see my burst in laughter; I agreed, the girl truly deserved an academy award.
After my phone conversation, when I walked in her room, she was fearfully facing the wall. By then her older sister who was very protective of her was  pleading on her behalf.

“Mommy, I don’t, I don’t think she’ll say it again.”

I took her plead as a leeway to escape from my harsh sentence. But the fact was,  I still couldn’t keep my lips glued long enough, to deliberate my verdict in a firm tone. So I finally drizzled:
“Stupid is forbidden in this house, even when you’re talking to the devil. And next time.”
“Yes Mommy, BUT.”

In spite of my growling, I realized she still wanted to reply. So I gave her permission.

“But Mommy, I, I first told her to shut up!”


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