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I think every artist has a special bond with the Creator as well as Mother Nature. You know, all the little fairies and the angels from the creative kingdom. Yes, I believe they exist. And this fact, even from my early childhood. I use to talk to the butterfly, birds, even the plants; well, let me rephrase that, “I still talk to my plants.” And, whenever I bathe in a river, I always anticipated a visit from the Queen of the river.

The Queen of the river? Yes. They usually refer to them as the mermaid. I even thought I saw her a couple times. Although, I did wonder why her skin was so white, and she had long golden hair. So, of course, I was curious when I asked her:
“Hello River Queen, Aren’t you suppose to be black since you are ruling over a Caribbean river?”

But, she didn’t budge.
So I  continued my inquiry,“Well, you don’t have to be, black, black, black black, but at least, if you were my complexion I would  say ok.”

I was only a child, so that was the best way I could have explained what I was trying to convey to her. But the poor woman had no sense of humor, she just continued to brush her long golden hair, with not even a glimpse.

“Are you deaf or something?” I asked her. She finally smiled.
So I gathered she was welcoming my conversation, but as soon as she realized I was walking toward her, she plunged back in the river.

Those being are genius intuitively. She probably thought I was going to kidnap her with the intent to steal her gold brush. Why not? Of course, I would. You see? I could have been the first millionaire child in Haiti.

As you know, the old folks never believe a child story. Finally, when I told my auntie “The Queen of the river was white.” Do you know what she answered me?

“Why would the Queen of our river be white, when we live in the Caribbean?”

So I answered her back, “I don’t know auntie, but I sure will find out.”

Of course, all my quests went unanswered. Even the priest couldn’t give me a straight answer. So on my way to church one day, I decided to enquire from the gigantic ugly fish from the large ground Aquarium, which was located in the center of the town. I had befriended all the multicolored fish, even gave each one a pretty name. But that large fish was so hideous, I didn’t quite know how to call it. Since it was shaped like a red snapper, I called it.

“Hey Fat Wanna Be Snapper, do you have a queen ruling over you?”

The fat fish turned around annoyed, before it answered me, “What do you think? I’m she!”
In shock, I replied back, “What? Are you a she? But you look so masculine. What’s your real name anyway?”
“My name is Queen Snapper; I’m originally from the U.S.”
‘You are a red snapper fish, but you look like… I don’t even know what to call you.”

“Exactly!” She answered me back with a nasty attitude. “I only agreed to come live down here after they granted my request to change my physique to this hideous body.”

“But, why would you rather look like this, than a? I mean, red snappers are so gorgeous, and look at.”
“Do you mind?” He interrupted me. “I’m still talking here!”
“Wow! You are rude too.” I whispered.
But he heard me anyway. “No, I’m not. I’m a queen, therefore, everyone is subject to ME. And yes, I chose this ugly vessel because this is the only way I could escape from you merciless freak who live in this Island. “You people think “Red snapper and yellow tails are the only tasty fish in the ocean.”

“Wow! You sure are a smart fish.”
“Of course, I’m. Am I not a leader?”

“Come on wanna Be Red Snapper, from what I heard, leaders are not necessarily.”

She bluntly cut me off again, “Who cares what you heard, I said, I was chosen because of my brilliance, that’s good enough.”

“Ok then, if you are so brilliant, can you tell me why the Queen of the lake behind my gramma’s house is?”

“Don’t tell me, you’re wondering why she’s white, and she’s ruling over a?”

“Exactly! We are in the.”

“Caribbean?” He continued, “Don’t tease me, please! His tone was as if he was the most miserable fish living in the aquatic world.

After he sunk his body in the water for a deep breath, he said.
“What can I say?” He said. ” We were both commissioned to come down here together. I must say, the charming black woman is brilliant. She spent years bleaching her skin and growing her hair with herbs essence. So whenever she’s seen by you folks, they would call her a Goddess. Just so she can reassure her protection from you savage!”

“Wow! Now, that’s a brilliant mind!” I said.
But the fat Queen answered: “Excuse! Hello! Correction, “That’s two brilliant minds!”

Hahahah! I hope you didn’t think ths was a true story? Well, let me rephrase that. This story is partially true. And yes, that’s for you to discern the friction from the facts. So enjoy!

Meanwhile, check out my final work with the blue eye girl/woman painting below. I completely gave her a new facial.






There Is A Place

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I honestly identify with “A Broken Blue Sky” blog. Every post she writes feels as if she was writing a page from  my life.  I shed tears from those memories;  her posts truly heal my soul.  So I thought I would share her writing on my blog. See below.

There is a place I would like to be A place where children play and flowers grow  Where life is safe and tears could flow There is a place I would like to be Somewhere in time where […]

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“Tomorrow Is Another Day”

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I’ve been experiencing writer’s block. Usually, when that happens I can easily shift my attention to my artwork. Guess what? I think I’m experiencing artist block as well.
I started painting a gorgeous little girl, with gorgeous blue eyes. But, when I was almost done, I couldn’t quite figure out if she was a girl or a woman? After my sister saw the painting, she said, “Mm! She’s a pretty woman!” So I took my brush and paint and just; well, you can see what I’ve done.

Now I have a one eye woman/girl staring at me begging me to “Please finish me.” The famous quote from Gone With The Wind came to mind.
”… After all, tomorrow is another day.” ― Margaret Mitchell.
So I thought, why not invent my own version?


“Tomorrow, I’ll think of some way to paint this painting. “After all, tomorrow is another day.”
But tomorrow happened to be today. (Oh! That sound familiar too.)

So, as one of the officers from the Paralegal Eagles Club, I was invited to my school committee meeting. Well, it wasn’t mandatory, but I was looking forward to mingling with the elite crowd.

Guess what the new academic theme was?
“READY, SET, SOAR!” Are they kidding me? I’ve been ready and set ever since I started this journey. The only reason I have NOT been able to soar; yes, my butt has been dragging on the ground, is because of that disgusting Math pre-requisite.
So, during the open forum, I was tempted to raise my hand. “Excuse me, can you guys blackball the Math class for all the old folks who can’t seem to digest Math?”
But I guess, I wasn’t daring enough. Particularly after a glimpsed in the room, i had realized, the only table who sympathized with old folks was from the Paralegal club. Of course, along with half of the committee members. So I thought to myself, “At this point, a low profile would be wise.” I hope you understand what I mean.
Yes, after all, ” Tomorrow is another day.” But, since I’m not getting any younger, I better get back on track!

Meanwhile, help me solve this puzzle: “Is this a girl or a woman?”



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little girl
“Wake up! Wake up!” But, before Rose could realize she was on the floor, the tall meaty woman had grabbed her by her wrist, while she squeezed her nails through her skin.
Rose whispered to herself, “Where am I?”
“Wake up! I said. “And pick up your sheet from the floor!”

As Rose follows the woman, she had a flashback of her mother weeping for her while she tenderly caressed her face. She also remembers when her older brother was holding her tiny hands before she fainted. Later on, while her body laid in what appeared to be a box, although she could see her family’s despair, somehow, she felt like a block of ice; she couldn’t even open her mouth to tell them, “Am still alive.”

Once more the woman’s voice drove her to a panic state when she yelled.
“Here! Put this dress on!”
“But, but where am I?”
“If you ever ask that question again, I’ll teach you a thing or two. The food better be ready by noon and your name is Lucky; you can call me Ma-Bo. That’s all you need to know.’

“But, my name is Rose.”
Rose noticed when Ma-Bo grabbed a large wood stick, so she quietly bent down to tie her shoes. Ma-Bo placed the wood stick on the table, then she hands her a $20.00 bill.
“Here! Buy $10.00 fish, $4.00 rice, .10 cents tomato paste, $2.00 oil. Everyone know me around here, so if you speak to one soul; you’ll never see daylight again. “I better don’t hear any complaint from the other maids who’ll teach you how to cook.”“AND KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU!!!”
“Yes, Ma-Bo. But, how… how do I get to?”
“How do what? The flea market is right outside, you can’t miss it.”

Rose started walking the direction Ma-Bo instructed her. But, after an hour walk, she was completely lost, but she dared not speak to anyone. When she finally thought she would walk back to Ma-Bo’s house, she noticed a short dark skin woman was staring at her, as if she had seen a ghost.
“Rose, is that you?”
Rose resiliently answered, “You died too?”
“Died? Your Mamma with you?”
Rose silently shook her head negatively.
The woman still in shock replied, “What a seven-year-old girl doing here alone, nine hours away from home?
Rose answered: “Mamma couldn’t come with me. I died and woke up in hell this morning. My master’s name is Ma-Bo, and she calls me Lucky.”

GOODNESS GRACIOUS! (Envelope Couplet Poem)

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Envelope couplet Poem. This is my first attempt for this style. I welcome critics.

Goodness Gracious!
Goodness gracious, are you for real?
How could you live this life of fear?
You see a cat, you scream “A witch!”
Dog an enemy, you must hitch.
A miserable life as if a sphere.
Goodness gracious, are you for real?

Goodness gracious, are you for real?
How could your devious mind so smear?
A fly passed by, you scream “A spy!”
With constant sigh, you cannot spry,
Your daily stage; sleepless nights, what a zeal?
Goodness gracious, are you for real?

Goodness gracious, are you for real?
How could you screech and teach your breach?
A friendly meal, you’re filled with dread.
Although you’re dead, you spread like bread.
You are a leach who smells like a peach.
Goodness gracious, are you for real?
By: Nadege Moise

My Future Children

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Cruella De Vil

Now that I’ve received pleasant news for my daughter, I expected to feel much better. But, with all the stress encountered from her past dilemma, I woke up with a horrible cold. I’m in so much pain, I feel as if death invited me to his ballroom. And, while we’re dancing, his black nails are piercing my lungs.
Oh YOU LIFE! I guess you enjoy teasing the good folks with your sanity! Why don’t you go stroll down the psychopath alley? You should find enough laughter to fill up your endless humor bag; don’t you think?

Trust me, my next lifetime, my only child will be called: “Stressfree Jr.”

How do I know it will be a boy? Well! Considering, I only have girls in this lifetime; then again, “HE” is a teaser. Job did say, “The things I fear the most, is what come upon me.”

Yap! I better be prepared. So, I guess, if I happen to have a girl, I will have to call her “Hellno.”

Nominated For The Liebster Award

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libster award

I was nominated by the LIEBSTER AWARD by Blair Gaulton. Check out his blog in the link below, hid posts are brilliant! Indeed work of genius.

My answers are:
1. Have you ever created a new word or used a word from another language to better express yourself in your writing, when you could not find a way to express yourself?
Yes. Quite often I find myself blending French words with my English stories to convey my thought. To discover later on, there are no such words in the English language. Sometimes I just forge a word. My thought then? “Well, my readers will just have to learn a new FrenchGlish expression.”

2.What was the funniest story you ever read?
Strange, but I don’t recall ever reading a funny story. Oh my God! Shame on me! I do love the Ben’s Bitter blog, I guess that’s the closest… but not books.
3. What was the most unusual food you have ever eaten?
I was seventeen working in a children clothing shop. The owners were from Korea. (Very pleasant people) One day, they offered me lunch, which happened to be Seaweed and rice rolls. After I tasted them, I thought they were cold saltless rice rolled with… God knows what? Let’s just say now and days, they are part of the “Sushi” family. They are called Gimbap. But, imagine a teenager from the Caribbean, who had just came from Haiti, where we are known for out spicy food… (Even our rice pudding is eaten hot, not cold.) So, do you understand my trauma? I held that cold rice for so long in mouth, it turned into soup. Before I finally heard them say:
“You like?”
Me: “Mmm!”
Them: “You don’nn like?” They responded back. (Meaning: “You don’t’ like?)
Me: With my mouth still full: “Wa is thi toff?” (Meaning: What is this stuff?)
Them: “It’s Korean food; you like?”
After I spit it out of my mouth, I answered:
“What is there to LIKE? It taste like ice.”
Them: “LOL; Yeah, we eat it cold.”

Me: “You really eat this stuff?”

Thank God they thought it was humorous. While they were laughing, I was busy planning my next laxative, and my next trip to Haiti, for my dentist appointment. (By the way, now I love sushi.)

4. If you could create a video game out of one of your published posts, which one would you select and why?
I would choose my series “Heaven Quake.”
Why: Because they are a series of humorous conflicted encounters with various angels, from a girl prospective till her adulthood. One day, she finally climbs Jacobs later to heaven, with the hope to address the angels complaints against her. (For, she was no saint.) Finally, when she is summoned before the Almighty Himself, she realizes only grace could plead on her behalf. Then, she calls on the Lord Jesus Christ; forgiveness is therefore granted to her.
5. Do you have a favorite time of day or night? If yes, when is it and why?
If I could witness the sunrise while standing near the ocean, EVERYDAY; then I would consider myself among the most blessed woman on the earth.
At night I love to cuddle with my blanket while I write, with a glass of red wine.

For my nominees:
Post the picture in the post mentioning the award and ping back to the original post nominating you, and make sure you inform your nominees as well.
My questions: Share Seven facts about yourself.
My nominees are:

The (Birth)day Lessons

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I love this post . Finally someone who speaks my language on child birth.

Just Follow the Joy

Today my daughter turns three! I have to admit, I’ve been a bit nostalgic.

Yesterday I wrote about howpregnancy taught me skills that have served me as a parent.Today I thought I’d write the same about mydaughter’s birth.

Not the BIRTH STORY story. That would take a novel. My daughter’s birthwas the equivalent of baptism by fire. Abig ol’ metaphorfor the wild ride to come. At times unexpected and intense, always driven by a curious and determined child, and scattered with tiny miracles.

For now I thought I’d share a few take-aways* that three years later still stand out.

Birth Lesson One: Listen to Your Gut

At 8pm on the night before my daughter was born I could be found dashing around a nearly-empty Target store in Des Moines, Iowa. I waslike a mad woman, determined to pickup the finalremainingodds and ends on my baby list. Loaded with infant…

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My Hideous Boots

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Today I’m not happy. I received bad news for one of my daughters. Somewhat a personal matter, which I can’t really share.
I figure, the best way I can deal with this stress is to laugh my heart out. So I thought I would share another painting of mine. By mere coincidence I started painting it yesterday, before I received the news.

Yes, that little girl is me. And yes, I was wearing my boots on the wrong feet. No big deal! I was six and still getting a whooping for wearing them that way. I just couldn’t understand why my mother was so blind. Because, I always thought to myself, “What’s wrong with her? The shoes are fine!”
Of course I hated those boots, but I had to wear them everywhere I went. Why? Because I was bow legged. LOL
But, keep in mind, wearing those hideous boots were the least of my problem. If you noticed, I’m actually wearing a couture dress in my favorite color. Yes, that hair style was typical back then; our hair were garnished with enough barrettes, if we wanted to, we could have opened an accessory store.

Furthermore, after they tortured us with that puffy hair style, don’t forget the jewelry, the lace sock, and the ruffle pantie. (Well, I didn’t mind the ruffles since it made my butt look bigger.) Yes, it was like a love affair to remember, for both, church and picture day.

“Sit, and don’t move.” That was what was expected of me, after I was decorated like a Christmas tree. But, I wasn’t about to wait till they turn on the lights, for me to start sparkling. I was a busy buddy. Although, that day I did behave/ Of course, right before l heard the mango calling my name. My grandmother had brought a whole basket from the Countryside. And that one, was set aside just for me. You can guess the end of the story.

If you are wondering if I’m sitting on a vase? The answer is yes. I had to pi, what did you expect me to do? I wasn’t crazy enough to run in the bathroom where my mother was getting ready.

100_5035Lastly, you might be asking yourself “How did I managed to escape from that big one?”
Thank God, my Godmother showed up just on time. My face, my dress, even my shoes were sabotage by the mango. So she kidnapped me. My Mom didn’t see me until the following week.
What? Cinderella wasn’t the only one who had a fairy God-Mother!100_5038

THE LADY IN BLUE – “Highly Favored”

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Ok. Below is my latest painting, entitled “Highly Favored.”

Seriously, don’t you think she’s highly favored? The woman has a naked angel crowning her with flowers. I bet you she’s Royalty too. Probably why the little angel is mesmerized by her beauty.  Its either that or, she’s probably wearing J’adore by DIOR.

Yes, she’s pregnant. And, since those little brats don’t come out holding  a manual, I decided to write one for her. The first page will read as follows:

“Beware, they do grow horns as they get older; so enjoy them while you can!”

Trust me, I welcome suggestions or critics, so let me hear from you.

Besides, I’m a duck, I don’t get wet.