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I was honored to be nominated for the LIEBSTER award by “The Blogger of the Mount.”  Nominated

Below you will find the link to her wonderful blog, which I highly recommend.

Her posts are truly inspiring.

The followings are the answers to my questions:

1.How and where do you write?
I spent my whole day writing theatrical plays. Even then, by the end of the day, there are times when my spirit remains restlessness, and I can’t seem to fall asleep. Then I will spend quality time with the Lord, while reading His word. But, if I still feel a burden, like a heavy load resting on my chest. I will start writing whatever I’m sensing, to soon realize the birth of a new poetry, or a short story in the making.
Most often I sit on the dining room table, because of the lake view. But, I enjoy writing on my bed.

2. What is your favorite color and why?
My favorite color is sky blue. Because, when I was a little girl, my god-mother and I use to debate whether blue was God’s favorite color; since both the sky and the ocean were blue.
3. Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it?
“This too shall pass!” As my girls were growing up, whenever faced with challenges, I used to remind them of this particular quote. Now, that they are older, when I’m faced with my own trials, my two youngest would tell me: “Remember Mom, “This too shall pass!”
4. What’s the most inspiring book you have ever read?
(I know this will sound strange.) BUT, the fairy tales stories from Disney are by far the most inspiring books I’ve read. Why? Because, I recalled being as young as four, laying on the church bench, located across the street from my Mom’s house. There, I would imagine stories with fairies and angels, distinctly heard all the characters, envision the enchanting gardens. But, the problem was, I had no one to share my vivid imagination with.  Until much later during my pre-teen , when my father brought me the Disney  books; particularly the Cinderella story, stroke me the most, since I was then living with my Step Mother. (No. She wasn’t as bad as Cinderella’s…) LOL After reading them, I realized:  “Wow! There is an imaginary world!”
Ok. This answer was for the little girl still living inside of me.

But, as an adult, I would say, “Eat, pray, love” By Elizabeth Gilbert. This book helped me through my journey of self-discovery.

5. What music do you listen to if you need cheering up?
My stale soul cries out for the French songs I grew up with, back in Haïti. Artist such as: Charles Aznavour, Dalida, Mireille Mathieu, Nana Mouskouri; I also love Andrea Bocelli, and some of the Gospel songs.

6. What time of the year is your favorite and why?
Spring time, new birth. The Month of May is particularly my favorite Month. Because of the notion, I was born in May, but due to an error, my birth certificate says “June.” Crazy, isn’t it? LOL
7. Name the best place you have ever visited?
I think North Carolina. Nature at it’s best there. But, the snow fall in Colorado will take my breath away any given day.

8. Has a particular experience shaped the way you think?
Holy YES! Awakening in my late forties to realize how hypocritical and cruel people can be. Particularly my surrounding. I was so shocked, it drove me into a comma of withdrawn for nearly five years.
But, I finally woke up with the thought: “Their lost! God is still on the throne, and those with a pure heart, with the fear of God, are still kept in the shadow of the Mosh High!”
9. How do you like to spend your free time?
I write to vent.
I paint for therapy.
I admire nature’s beauty for a smile.
I pray unceasingly, praise the Almighty; then ask Him “Why me Lord?”

10. In what way is this Christmas going to be special for you?
I honestly don’t know how to answer this question. So, let me just say,  I’m just thankful to have a roof over my head.
11. My blog is about faith and learning more about God. What does faith mean to you?
This is the best way I can answer # 11.


So my nominees are:
2. Jm sabbagh
3. Femme des fleurs
4. Belinda Crane
5. Vibrant

For anyone new to the Liebster Award this is how it works –
• In a post – answer the 11 questions from above.
• Share 11 random facts about yourself.
• Make up 11 new fun questions for your nominees. (I’m leaving the same questions I was asked for my nominees.)
• Give some love back to your nominator, include a link back to their blog and their post.
• You must nominate 5-11 bloggers.

Nominees – There is no timescale to do this but please add a link to your new post below when you done it. The aim is to raise the profile of your blog. I’m looking forward to reading your answers.


Echo Within

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Echo Within

In the stillness of the night
When my soul is restless
Echoed from within, a still small voice
My guiding light, my timeless friend
“I’m still here – Peace be with you!”

In the stillness of life
When my heart is burden
This gloomy day, where’s my strength
My smile is scarce, no tears of joy
Then, while I wait, my soul inspired
My restless fingers can’t retire.

In the stillness of night
When silence is perfected
Echoed from within, a still small voice
My tangible treasure, my timeless friend
“Well done my child – Till next time!”

By: Nadège Moïse – 12/05/2015


Turtle Pace Confidence

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Guess what? This is the second time my artwork was chosen in this contest. The first notification email I received, was earlier this year; “Congratulation! Your painting, “The Two Gates” has made it to our final selections, and it will be showcased in our next edition of our P’AN KU magazine. Please submit your biography…by… Our magazine photographer will be calling you.”

My thought  then? “Yeah right! This is clearly someone who delights in my torture.” So I didn’t even budge!

Within a couple days when René called, and  left a message:   “Hi Nadège. I’m the photographer for the P’AN KU Magazine, and would like to set up an appointment with you.”


Yes, that was me screaming.

I also started  the Banda dance. Remember the painting of the women who were dancing the Haïtian dance?  Ok, just in case you didn’t see them, here they are.  100_4571


So Imagine me boogging down just like those ladies, while I was screaming from the top of my lungs:

“OMG-OMG-OMG!…………….. Am an artist! Am an Artist….!”

I called my sister, my daughters. “OMG! Am an artist!

“Of course you are sis!” My sister answered me.  I answered her back, “Of course you would say that. Even if I was drawing mud on your grass. You are my sister!”

As for my brat daughters “Really Ma, they chose YOUR painting?  Re-re-really? Are you sure?”

So I answered them, “Hell! An artist work will never be appreciated prior to his or her death. So while in my grave, and my paintings are then worth million, you girls will have to go beg to get a glimpse of  them at the museum!!!”  Of course they were laughing.


Above was my first picture in the magazine, entitled ” The Two Gates” But the fact is, 1/3 of the actual painting was missing from there. So I had to carry the actual painting to the art exposition.

So a few months later, when I received an invitation to submit my artwork AGAIN.  Since I had just completed my last painting of a pregnant woman, oblivious to her little girl’s tender kiss, which I entitled, “The Purest Love.”So why not give it another try.

Guess what? They called me again. This time, I was kinda convince it was probably not because they were feeling sorry for me. Perhaps my hard labor was gradually screaming for recognition: “Hey! Hey! There is a turtle paste ARTIST HERE!!!”

So, during the presentation, my sister and my three year old nephew, who were also the only members of my family there, during the last exhibition willingly showed up as the sacrificial lambs.  In fact, the poor woman even left her job early.  But, during the presentation,  I noticed she was giving me “the look.”  I told you about “the look” before. It’s when she  turns to stare at me, (not in a pleasant way) while the bottom part of her lips purposely pushing the top part up; so it may stick out like the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which a constipated waste  is fighting to leave the body. (This normally happens while on the toilet) If you know what I mean.

“Ok Sis. So why are you giving me the Look now?” I asked her.

“Did you just hear what the speaker said?”

“Yeah! There were 250 contestants?” I answered her. Meanwhile,  I tried to shrink my body like a wet paper towel being squeezed by its holder.

Then she yelled: “And YOURS happen to be among the FIVE acrylic paintings SHOWCASE IN THIS BOOK!!! Do you understand what’s that mean?

I hesitantly answered, “But, there are other photography as well, not only.’

Before I could finish my sentence, she turned to give me the look again. This time, I though she was about to jump on me, like a big cockroach paying a surprise visit.

“Exactly Nadège! There are other SAI photography. But YOUR PAINTING. YOUR ACRYLIC PAINTING!!! You know what? If I ever hear:  “Am I an artist Sis?” From you again, I will stick my foot so far down…”

Thank God she stopped. Because, that’s when she realized we were NOT the only one seating on our table.

Even my little nephew who was quietly  eating the hors d’oeuvres from the small plastic plate in from of her, gave her a frozen stare, while his tiny hand held on to his last bite of a crostini.

Ooops! No need to tell you, since she’s a little light skin, how she had turned auburn. LOL

I was too busy laughing with the other guests.

Yes, it was a hilarious moment.  The fact is, this is  how my caring sister shows me love., and build my confidence. However, I regrettably have to admit, my sister was right

For a while now, my confidence was moving at a turtle paste. But after my sister’s loving pep talk, I watch it taking off like a solid rocket, behind a launching space shuttle.

The picture below is the one which was showcased in the magazine a week ago. It so happened the poem “Fighting with Images” was an appropriate post next to my painting. It speaks of the strength of  black women.  I was pleased to meet the writer; as we both autographed each other’s  inspiration.







Prayer of Comfort

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Today, I think it’s only appropriate to post a brief statement to honor those who lost their lives in San Bernardino, California.

My prayers are with the families of the victims, and those who are still fighting for their survival while in the hospital. I also pray for those who witnessed this traumatic event.

Three of my girls were born in Los Angeles. In fact, my younger sister along with her four children lived in San Bernardino, near the area… Although we no longer live there, but sadly to acknowledge none of us are really exempt from those deadly targets; regardless where we may live.

Those of you who understand the power of prayer, now is the time to get back on our knees. For the worse days are still ahead of us.

Prayer of comfort

Bird in the snow

Heavenly Father,
We pray that you  may release  your comfort to the family members, the friends of the deceased ones.
Heal those who’ve survived this trauma as well.

Holy Father, reveal yourself to the radical members. Snatch them from the powers of darkness, and transfer them into your light, by the power of your Holy Spirit. Bathe them in the blood of Jesus, so their sin may be forgiven. In their heart, may there birth a sparkle of light, leaving no room for the work of darkness.

But most of all dear Lord, may you remove the blindfold from our eyes. Yes, from America; so we may grasp the urgency of the troublesome seasons ahead.

Dear Heavenly Father, have mercy on us all.
In Jesus Name!
God Bless!


Filthy Dust

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Today I’m posting a poem. No, its not humor. In fact its about my personal experience. But, I still welcome your feedback.

Although, we’ve had our differences;
Nevertheless, my heart sparkled with gratitude.
For a good friend is like a treasured box, filled of laughter and tears, from life’s pleasant treats, and mischievous scheme.
But I see you now. In fact, I hear you loud and clear.
You’re a cunning skillful double-dealer, deceit is your amusement.
You are arrogantly self-absorbed, and faint hearted.
You tend to open your arm to the feeble, yes. But you butcher their character.
With your wings of jealousy, you’re flying so high, your cup of pride is overflowing.
So blinded by your own deception, you’ve lost all sense of discernment.
You ignore the genuineness of true friendship;
Your heart too hardened to feel love.
“You are beneath me!” So is your delusion.
How sad?
Do I applaud your effort?
But, our journey stops here dear friend.
For while we are nothing but dust;
You’ve cornered yourself with filthy dust.
So, wake up!
Wake up and feel the warmth of genuineness, the healing of forgiveness, and the bliss of love!
So you may learn to value the gift of true friendship.
Filthy dust, what is your true worth?
By: Nadège Moïse