The Damn Smart Boy!

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Since I’m running short for time, I thought I would post one of my old… hope you enjoy!

death angel

Three young boys living in extreme poverty in Haïti, were asked the following question: “If you had a chance to go to school, what would be your major?

The first one answered:
“I would become a doctor, so I can contribute my skills to help the poor in my community, while I live a comfortable life.”

The second one answered: “My seven siblings and I are living in one small room. Therefore, I would become an engineer, so I could finally build my mother a gigantic house, as well pay for my siblings education.”

The third one looked at them and laughed, as if they were both crazy; before he answered:
“I would be the first billionaire in hell!”
“What?” The other boys shouted. “Why on earth would you want to even live in HELL?

He answered, “Because in hell everyone is constantly hot, and thirsty; I would be the first one to open a water store there. So, even Satan would become my best friend.”


One thought on “The Damn Smart Boy!

    A.B Mood said:
    December 12, 2015 at 8:49 am

    Hahaha introducing capitalism in Hell? Great idea there 😛

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