Turtle Pace Confidence

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Guess what? This is the second time my artwork was chosen in this contest. The first notification email I received, was earlier this year; “Congratulation! Your painting, “The Two Gates” has made it to our final selections, and it will be showcased in our next edition of our P’AN KU magazine. Please submit your biography…by… Our magazine photographer will be calling you.”

My thought  then? “Yeah right! This is clearly someone who delights in my torture.” So I didn’t even budge!

Within a couple days when René called, and  left a message:   “Hi Nadège. I’m the photographer for the P’AN KU Magazine, and would like to set up an appointment with you.”


Yes, that was me screaming.

I also started  the Banda dance. Remember the painting of the women who were dancing the Haïtian dance?  Ok, just in case you didn’t see them, here they are.  100_4571


So Imagine me boogging down just like those ladies, while I was screaming from the top of my lungs:

“OMG-OMG-OMG!…………….. Am an artist! Am an Artist….!”

I called my sister, my daughters. “OMG! Am an artist!

“Of course you are sis!” My sister answered me.  I answered her back, “Of course you would say that. Even if I was drawing mud on your grass. You are my sister!”

As for my brat daughters “Really Ma, they chose YOUR painting?  Re-re-really? Are you sure?”

So I answered them, “Hell! An artist work will never be appreciated prior to his or her death. So while in my grave, and my paintings are then worth million, you girls will have to go beg to get a glimpse of  them at the museum!!!”  Of course they were laughing.


Above was my first picture in the magazine, entitled ” The Two Gates” But the fact is, 1/3 of the actual painting was missing from there. So I had to carry the actual painting to the art exposition.

So a few months later, when I received an invitation to submit my artwork AGAIN.  Since I had just completed my last painting of a pregnant woman, oblivious to her little girl’s tender kiss, which I entitled, “The Purest Love.”So why not give it another try.

Guess what? They called me again. This time, I was kinda convince it was probably not because they were feeling sorry for me. Perhaps my hard labor was gradually screaming for recognition: “Hey! Hey! There is a turtle paste ARTIST HERE!!!”

So, during the presentation, my sister and my three year old nephew, who were also the only members of my family there, during the last exhibition willingly showed up as the sacrificial lambs.  In fact, the poor woman even left her job early.  But, during the presentation,  I noticed she was giving me “the look.”  I told you about “the look” before. It’s when she  turns to stare at me, (not in a pleasant way) while the bottom part of her lips purposely pushing the top part up; so it may stick out like the opening at the end of the alimentary canal through which a constipated waste  is fighting to leave the body. (This normally happens while on the toilet) If you know what I mean.

“Ok Sis. So why are you giving me the Look now?” I asked her.

“Did you just hear what the speaker said?”

“Yeah! There were 250 contestants?” I answered her. Meanwhile,  I tried to shrink my body like a wet paper towel being squeezed by its holder.

Then she yelled: “And YOURS happen to be among the FIVE acrylic paintings SHOWCASE IN THIS BOOK!!! Do you understand what’s that mean?

I hesitantly answered, “But, there are other photography as well, not only.’

Before I could finish my sentence, she turned to give me the look again. This time, I though she was about to jump on me, like a big cockroach paying a surprise visit.

“Exactly Nadège! There are other SAI photography. But YOUR PAINTING. YOUR ACRYLIC PAINTING!!! You know what? If I ever hear:  “Am I an artist Sis?” From you again, I will stick my foot so far down…”

Thank God she stopped. Because, that’s when she realized we were NOT the only one seating on our table.

Even my little nephew who was quietly  eating the hors d’oeuvres from the small plastic plate in from of her, gave her a frozen stare, while his tiny hand held on to his last bite of a crostini.

Ooops! No need to tell you, since she’s a little light skin, how she had turned auburn. LOL

I was too busy laughing with the other guests.

Yes, it was a hilarious moment.  The fact is, this is  how my caring sister shows me love., and build my confidence. However, I regrettably have to admit, my sister was right

For a while now, my confidence was moving at a turtle paste. But after my sister’s loving pep talk, I watch it taking off like a solid rocket, behind a launching space shuttle.

The picture below is the one which was showcased in the magazine a week ago. It so happened the poem “Fighting with Images” was an appropriate post next to my painting. It speaks of the strength of  black women.  I was pleased to meet the writer; as we both autographed each other’s  inspiration.








One thought on “Turtle Pace Confidence

    jmsabbagh said:
    December 5, 2015 at 3:35 pm

    Impressive background,motivating.


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