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The Three Day Challenge – Day II

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I have been nominated for The Three Day Quote Challenge by Let faith be your strength .  Truly an inspiring blog. Thank you Kevin!

The rules are:

  1. Post Three consecutive days
  2. Pick one or three quotes
  3. Challenge three different bloggers.

My nominees are:

  1. The Lonely Author
  2. Garfield Hug
  3. Honestme363

Below are my chosen quotes for  Day II.

do all the good you can have been nominated for The Three Day Quote Challenge by Let faith be your strength .  Truly an inspiring blog. Thank you Kevin!g

But I would add to this one: Be wise when doing so. I’ve opened the door of my heart and my house to those in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they we ravening wolves.

“A cancer within is a tough one to tackle down.”

-Nadège Moïse

The three Day Quote Challenge

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I have been nominated for The Three Day Quote Challenge by Let faith be your strength .  Truly an inspiring blog. Thank you Kevin!

The rules are:

  1. Post Three consecutive days
  2. Pick one or three quotes
  3. Challenge three different bloggers.

My nominees are:

  1. The Lonely Author
  2. Garfield Hug
  3. Honestme363

Below are my chosen quotes for today.

Say try me jpg

If you can fly run jpj


the only thing they have is money jpg


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sisters jpg

I had a craving for some falafel a couple days ago. Strange isn’t it? Being from the Caribbean, I didn’t grow up eating a dozen  falafel whenever I felt like it.
Yes, you heard me right. I must have eaten a dozen of those little addictive, possibly once upon a time, Jesus’s favorite meal.
I was fasting till six that day. About five-ish, I started preparing the batter. By the time I realized I was eating them all along, it was after six. Strangely, I wasn’t just tasting them. The whole plate of falafel was completely empty. And, I had just enough batter left, to leave a few for the house.
I felt much better later on. That was after my niece had crushed a few down her throat herself, before she said: “Gosh Tatie, these things are addictive!”
“You telling me!” I answered her.
The following morning, my alarm went off at exactly 5:00 A.M. Are you kidding me Lord? I didn’t plan to walk this morning. But, when I attempted to go back to sleep, the falafels I had previously eaten on an empty stomach, were screaming, “PAY-BACK TIME!”
I was on the toilet for the longest. Tried to ask the Lord’s forgiveness, for eating his favorite meal, after a solemnly promised, “ I would abstain from food” that day.
Of course, He did not respond. My stomach sounded as if God was angry with the earth; while His growling with thunders and lightning can be heard. Drop of sweats were falling off my face like a river current. One would think I was a tree, once covered with snow, now melting down.
Yesterday morning, my sister cancelled on me. When I knocked at her door ready for action.

“Sis, time for our walk, it’s five.”
“Ahh-Mmm! I, I didn’t sleep aaalll night Sis. I can’t, I can’t walk this morning.”

She answered me with her pitiful voice. I felt so sorry for her. So I ended walking for the both of us. Was not an easy task either.
As I was walking I reasoned: “Is she  kidding me? Whatever happened to her plead? “I have to lose this tummy fat, Sis!”
Ok. I will let you sleep this time. But, make no mistake about it. I will be like a fire melting an iron in your butt next time!”
Yes. I was a bit frustrated, because she was messing up my plan. Well! She doesn’t know about it yet. But, I have an agenda. Let’ say by the end of December, we should at least loose a few pounds. Because, I plan to post the following ad on the paper and the internet. Yes, all the local villages in England, France, Italy, Switzerland, pretty much worldwide should see my ad. In fact, even in the Middle East. But the Isis squads are out of the question.
So this is the ad:
“Two sisters int their early fifties wan-na-be young women, looking for two wan-na-be young men. We’re planning our retirement, therefore, will travel abroad, wine and dine. Make no mistake about it. We’re still plum and warm, for we’ve been on the reserve shelf for quite a while.

Warning: “We’re looking for long term relationship, which should not interfere with our lifetime friendship. We will probably drop dead on the same day. However, granted this does not happen, we want to reassure, the one left behind will not be lonely. Therefore the followings are the qualifications expected:
• God fearing.
• A good sense of humor.
• Enjoy reading, traveling.
• Lastly, your word of honor that you’ll not drop dead on us, before we take the trip ourselves.

Anyone interested, check out our major workout website.
The older/nurse/wiser sister is currently undergoing major repair in the tummy area. You can keep up with her daily progress chart at:

The younger sister/artist is doing a mind renewal workout. You can keep up with her daily progress on the following link:

Furthermore, you may call us at: 1-800-heaven can wait.
Or, 1-800-Won’t leave my sister behind without a male companion.

sisters 3jpg
Thank you!

Walking To Dodo’s Plantation, Part II – Encounter With The Tour Guide

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Donkey picture

Yes. You heard it right. Foufoune was my childhood nickname, and it’s pronounced as “Foofoone!”

Would you like to know what it stands for in the Creole language? Well! I will tell you anyway. It is the private part of a baby girl! Yes, till this day, my mother’s family still calls me Foufoune, a baby’s vigina! So whenever my girls ask me: “Mom, what’s that nickname they just called you?”

“Oh! It stands for “procreate! “I was so beautiful as a young girl, my grandmother gave me that name. Then she would say: “I Hope you have children as beautiful as you are!” Don’t ask me what happened to you girls.”

So now that you have the Haïtian Country folk’s definition of direction, (discussed on part I of this story) let me share with you an actual journey to my grand-mother’s house. The most memorable one, I recalled I…

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Traveling Upper-Class vs Ghetto

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It’s amazing how  notable a culture may influence other’s perception. Leaving for Colorado, as we boarded the plane, we heard the following message:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now boarding flight #…. (Pleasant-pleasant-pleasant-pleasant WORDS.) The last sentence was “Welcome to … Airlines, and we do wish you a safe flight to your destination.”
By the way, my friend and I wanted to seat together. When we inquired, the young lady answered us, “ Sure! Let me see what we have availlllable for Yu!” She was so nice, I was scared.
At last, when we finally arrived to Colorado, another typical message was heard. No elaboration whatsoever was necessary. In fact, the staff were so pleasant, I thought to myself “Ok, something is wrong with the plane, they are trying to sugarcoat us, so we won’t panic. High possibility, we’re about to crash, and they are making sure our last seconds here are pleasant.” But, to my surprise, we arrived there safely.

frozen lake
As all the passengers quietly exit the plane, I realized later on, they were a reflection of the frozen lake I would eventually spot near the resort.
HOWEVER, on our way back to Florida, it was a whole different ball game. Starting from the airport lobby, one could spot all the merchants from Ti-Marché to Port-Au-Prince, and from Jamaica to Cuba. So contrary to the distinguish message we heard from the handsome, tall Caucasian employee, on our way to Colorado. The latter one was rather seasoned with salt, lime and hot pepper.
The overweight weight employee, could easily be mistaken for the mechanic guy, who had just spent two consecutive shifts working, and yet to go home for a shower. I was honestly hypnotized by his bluntness, and his” I don’t care facial expression.” In my opinion, he should have been wearing an extra large T-Shirt with the inscription “And, you’re talking to me because?”
Yeah! That was my older daughter’s favorite shirt too.
So, when I addressed the seating matter to him, he answered: “No I can’t. No. I mean, the seat they gave you. Well, the computerisnotworking now!”
As I was digesting his blunt response, I heard the following message, “Ladiesandgentlemenwe’reabouttoboardflight#…You are ONLY ALLOWED ONE; I repeat “O-N-E backpack. In the event we do find out that you have NOT PAID FOR YOUR EXCESS L’UG-GA-GES, you WILL have to pay an extra fees of $100.00!!! Yes, I repeat, intheeventwe………….We –Will-charge- you $100.00.
It sound as if we were in an auction show.
Yap! This was our welcome speech from the I don’t care employee.
Lastly when the plane finally landed in Florida, guest what we heard?

“THANK YOU JESUS!” “ YEAHHHHH!” “ DEAR LORD WE MADE IT! Let me get the hell out of here!”
One Caucasian guy was seating in front of me. I could see the poor guy facial expression. So I told him “Welcome to Florida!” He shook his head before he smiled.
Of course they didn’t bother to mention the temperature. I guess they were afraid if we knew how hot it was here, we might have the tendency to return right back to Colorado!

My Hilarious God-Mother Part II

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twity l

About a couple weeks later from the day my God-Mother arrived from Haïti, I came home from work to find my backyard covered in white. She was using the sun ray to remove the stains from the children white clothes. It’s like a pre-wash process which the old folks used in Haïti, since  bleach was usually the last result.
Of course I thought it would be fun to hear her explanation.  So I asked her, “Nin, why are all those white clothes laying on the grass, back there?”
“Oh – Foune, (This is my nickname from her) you forgot how to wash?”
“Nin, I never had to wash in Haïti, we had maids, remember?”
“I forgot, you were a City girl when you went to live with your Papa. Well, Am bleaching the white clothes. Because, they sure look, like they been washed in pi, couldn’t see my reflection in them.”
“But, Nin, you wash all those clothes by hands, I have a washing machine?”
“Yes, I did. In that bucket were I bathe, and pi in every night.”
“Nin, the bucket you asked me to buy for you? But, you have a bathroom in your room.”
“Mm –Mm! I don’t like that white chair that make the sound: “Chwaaaaaaaaaaa –Chwaaaaaaaa. It feels as if  it will chop my butt off, sooner or later. So when I wake up to pi, I use the bucket. But, the only problem, sometimes my butt gets stock in there. You know God gave me more than my share back there.”
“Yes Nin. You do have a big butt, even the girls were saying that.
“Oh! Pitit mwen!” (Meaning “My child” in creole) When I was young, your Nin was a fine girl! My butt always went “Booom, Boom; whenever I walked. lol”
“But Nin, the white thing in the bathroom is a toilet, and it’s made for you to …  so you don’t have to be afraid of it. And the shower is there for you to bathe as well!”

“Oh, no-no-no!!! I’ve been trying to find out, where the broiling water was coming from? I went behind the wall, but I see no pot, no fire, but still, the water comes out hot. Something is wrong with this my Foune! Listen to your Nin. God sure don’t like ugly! “ Honestly,  I only use the white chair in the bathroom to “caca,” since I couldn’t find any bathroom out there, and you don’t even have some mango or banana trees back there either. And believe me, every time I use that strange stuff, I pray for mercy. And,  I make sure I run away as fast as I can too. As for my bath, I go outside. Well, that man next door was looking at me one day, so now, I use the bucket to draw some water, then carry it back in the bathroom. Well, I’m not going to lie to you my Foune.” She laughed before she continued. “Sometimes, I get the water from the sink in your kitchen, so I can wash myself, just as God intended for us women to wash what He gave us. You know what I mean!”

But, Nin. I wash “it” while I’m taking a shower. I don’t  have to use a bucket.” jpg
“OH NO!” Not the same thing. A woman must sit on a bucket, to wash, wash, and wash, what the Good Old Lord gave her. If not, the husband won’t be pleased.”

“Nin, this is the old way. But now.”

“Listen to your Nin, pitit mwen! ” I wasn’t here when you were getting married, but now I’m here for you. And if I were here, you sure wouldn’t be married to “Him” either! My poor child. But, anyway, you still have to do your duties, even when you are married to a fool. And, you don’t want your husband to think some fish are swimming down there. So, buy yourself a bucket, and wash, wash, and wash! Hear me child?”

To be continued.

Home Sweet Home!

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beautiful treebeautiful view river
Snow white glittering flakes, fell on my face.
I’m surrounded in white. The trees layered in ice, like a world of clear crystal.
Is this heaven? But, as the cold breeze softly blushed my face; I was forced to take a deep breath.
Mmm! Tasted like a glass of pure, crystal clear water, from the spring behind my Gando’s plantation.
“Nature’s at its best.” I thought. A Breathtaking site indeed. What a wonderful feeling, could it linger forever?

Bird in the snow
But, twelve hours later, when I stepped out from the plane. The smoggy hot air nearly suffocated me, with a slap, right on my face.
“Dawn it! “Why the hell did I come back here for?”
However, later on, when I walked in the living room, a familiar face welcomed me home, while a sweet kiss landed on my cheek.
“Hi Tatie!” My niece said with a smile. “Be careful, the floor is wet- how was your trip?”

A few steps away, I spotted my childhood hero. She was standing in front of the kitchen counter slicing her favorite veggies. The aroma from the grilled steak, suddenly stirred up my culinary sense.
“Miss you Sis!” I told her. “Is this for dinner, or work?”
As she turned her cheek toward me, her smile reciprocates. “Did you have fun?”
“Yes, but I.”
To my surprise, before I could finish my sentence, I saw  two tiny little legs,  running toward me. He held his arms open wide, as he yelled: “TATiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee!”
It was my niece son. My three year old grand-nephew. He tightly held my legs for a few seconds, with his head bent backward, his lips pointed upward, so he could give me a tender kiss.”
I had missed the little charmer. But now I see, the feeling was mutual. Picture for the funeral
As I sit down among my therapeutic bunch for dinner, I silently gazed at my three heroes. Contentment filled my heart, before I whispered:

“Now I know why home is called “Home, Sweet Home!”