The Story Of The Wings

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aluminium pot

The old woman lived in the countryside; about an hour drive away  from the Capital of Haïti. She owned acres of land, filled with banana plantations. Her large yard, there also lived her children, and grand-children. From a distance, one can hear their laughter, while they played near the crystal clear water spring, situated in their backyard.
Sunday Dinner, was a family affair. That’s when the old lady would yell, “Zèllette!”
“Yes Grann!” (Grann, meaning Grandma).
“Kill four of the brown and yellow feather chickens to cook, then bring the pot inside the house. But, if even one neck is missing, you will be in trouble with me; hear? “Auntie is coming with the rice and beans, Elizé with the goat, and Jonas will catch the fish.”

Zèllette answered, “Oui Grann. (Oui, meaning yes).

The sixteen year old young lady, after she had killed the chickens, plugged off their feathers, removed their guts; afterward washed and seasoned them in some lime, herb and hot pepper, before she finally cooked them.

However, when it was time for dinner, Gando looked inside the large aluminum pot, to find out all the wings were missing. So Gando soon grabbed a wood stick, as she held both of Zèllette’s hands, she asked her “Didn’t I tell you not to eat zilch from the?”

But, before Gando could finish her sentence, Zèllette yelled back, “Now Grann, may the thunder crushes me, the lightning strikes me, and may the good old Lord blot out my NAME from the living book, “I sure did exactly what you’ve asked of me!”

Gando who was still furious replied back, ‘If you lie to me hild, I’ll whoop your butt even more; so you better speak now or forever hold your peace!”

Zèllette answered back, “Now Grann, you never said anything about no wings. All I heard was, “if even one neck was missing.”

Gando recalling her instruction to her felt remorsed, dropped the wood stick on the floor. Then she said “I did mentioned the neck… But Zèllette, for God’s sake, you ate allll the wings, when you know how much I love them?”

Zèllette replied: “Well Grann, you named me after WINGS, so what did you expect?

Wing = Zèl in our creole language.

“Of course I named you after wing.  “You were three and still dragging your butt on the ground, while refusing to walk. Yes, I changed your name to Wing (Zèllette) to inspire you to fly; the least  so you would walk. “But, if you continue to eat my wings, I’ll change your name back to “Dirt Butt!”

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    Ha! Love it! I had no idea that was coming!

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    November 28, 2015 at 5:25 pm

    LOL Good post. You caught me off guard

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