The Story Of The Wings

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aluminium pot

The old woman lived in the countryside; about an hour drive away  from the Capital of Haïti. She owned acres of land, filled with banana plantations. Her large yard, there also lived her children, and grand-children. From a distance, one can hear their laughter, while they played near the crystal clear water spring, situated in their backyard.
Sunday Dinner, was a family affair. That’s when the old lady would yell, “Zèllette!”
“Yes Grann!” (Grann, meaning Grandma).
“Kill four of the brown and yellow feather chickens to cook, then bring the pot inside the house. But, if even one neck is missing, you will be in trouble with me; hear? “Auntie is coming with the rice and beans, Elizé with the goat, and Jonas will catch the fish.”

Zèllette answered, “Oui Grann. (Oui, meaning yes).

The sixteen year old young lady, after she had killed the chickens, plugged off their feathers…

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