Traveling Upper-Class vs Ghetto

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It’s amazing how  notable a culture may influence other’s perception. Leaving for Colorado, as we boarded the plane, we heard the following message:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are now boarding flight #…. (Pleasant-pleasant-pleasant-pleasant WORDS.) The last sentence was “Welcome to … Airlines, and we do wish you a safe flight to your destination.”
By the way, my friend and I wanted to seat together. When we inquired, the young lady answered us, “ Sure! Let me see what we have availlllable for Yu!” She was so nice, I was scared.
At last, when we finally arrived to Colorado, another typical message was heard. No elaboration whatsoever was necessary. In fact, the staff were so pleasant, I thought to myself “Ok, something is wrong with the plane, they are trying to sugarcoat us, so we won’t panic. High possibility, we’re about to crash, and they are making sure our last seconds here are pleasant.” But, to my surprise, we arrived there safely.

frozen lake
As all the passengers quietly exit the plane, I realized later on, they were a reflection of the frozen lake I would eventually spot near the resort.
HOWEVER, on our way back to Florida, it was a whole different ball game. Starting from the airport lobby, one could spot all the merchants from Ti-Marché to Port-Au-Prince, and from Jamaica to Cuba. So contrary to the distinguish message we heard from the handsome, tall Caucasian employee, on our way to Colorado. The latter one was rather seasoned with salt, lime and hot pepper.
The overweight weight employee, could easily be mistaken for the mechanic guy, who had just spent two consecutive shifts working, and yet to go home for a shower. I was honestly hypnotized by his bluntness, and his” I don’t care facial expression.” In my opinion, he should have been wearing an extra large T-Shirt with the inscription “And, you’re talking to me because?”
Yeah! That was my older daughter’s favorite shirt too.
So, when I addressed the seating matter to him, he answered: “No I can’t. No. I mean, the seat they gave you. Well, the computerisnotworking now!”
As I was digesting his blunt response, I heard the following message, “Ladiesandgentlemenwe’reabouttoboardflight#…You are ONLY ALLOWED ONE; I repeat “O-N-E backpack. In the event we do find out that you have NOT PAID FOR YOUR EXCESS L’UG-GA-GES, you WILL have to pay an extra fees of $100.00!!! Yes, I repeat, intheeventwe………….We –Will-charge- you $100.00.
It sound as if we were in an auction show.
Yap! This was our welcome speech from the I don’t care employee.
Lastly when the plane finally landed in Florida, guest what we heard?

“THANK YOU JESUS!” “ YEAHHHHH!” “ DEAR LORD WE MADE IT! Let me get the hell out of here!”
One Caucasian guy was seating in front of me. I could see the poor guy facial expression. So I told him “Welcome to Florida!” He shook his head before he smiled.
Of course they didn’t bother to mention the temperature. I guess they were afraid if we knew how hot it was here, we might have the tendency to return right back to Colorado!


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