You Want Me To Cook WHEN?

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It’s hilarious how relax we may feel whenever we take a leap to our comfort zone. It’s about 1:00 AM. here in this freezing State, and I just woke. My employers, whom by the way I consider to be my best friends are sleeping.  I’ve known the wife since my pre-teen years in Haiti, her husband is the kindness being on the planet. So imagine this: I was supposed to be the hired chef for the week, simply because they love my cooking. But unfortunately for them, during the past week I was so busy catering, while caring for my father,  and babysit my young nephew,  that at one point I completely forgot my gender.  Seriously,  one night while in the bathroom, I started lot unzip my Jean, to pick like a man. When I turned around  to look in the mirror,  noticed my shaved hair, I reasoned, “but, I’m. a man, what happened to it?”

Yes. That was quite a fright.  Of course I finally woke, realized I was just dreaming dreaming!  But, this time, unfortunately for my friends, I was not dreaming.  The fact is,  since we arrived,  I only managed to cook one single meal. In fact yeyesterday, I spent the whole day in bed. Well, I had already told her, breakfast was out of the question.

“Gade ou koze !” She answered me. Which means in Creole” What story is that?”

So I answered her, “Since when do you ever see me making breakfast, I don’t even eat breakfast. ”

“Oh Oh!”She answered back. While she was probably thinking to herself” What kind of chef is that? ”

So yesterday,  they made their own breakfast.  I was sleeping,  of course.

Around three. I text her from my bedroom” We have enough leftover for dinner tonight,  you think?” A few seconds later she was in my room, “Gade ou KA? While in the living room rested. I heard my phone beeping from the bathroom,  to find out. It WAS YOU TEXTING ME!!! Oh Oh!!! We both burst into laughter. Then I answered her, I Am on vavacation,  remember,

“No need to remind ME!” She answered.

So I slept the whole day. I think they ate the leftover. Now. I’m ready to work. The boys, who call me Tatie”are arriving today. with some friends,  and their own family. I have two turkeys to season and cook Haitian style.  Looking forward to the laughter and the finger leaking. But darn it! I have to WAIT till they wake up. And it’s now only TWO A.M!!!

Why do people who are on vacation and who hired a friend chef have to sleep so much? Do you think perhaps it’s because they still have to cook their own breakfast?

Something to think about, before you hire an exhausted  friend CHEF!!!


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