Need Some Hot Pepper With Rhum

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I know I told you guys during my vacation, my blog would be non-existent; boy, was I wrong!

So I’m here in Colorado. It is breathtaking beautiful here. I honestly  think after God created this State He must have travelled to Haiti, and forgot His temperature recipes there, so that’s how we discovered the existence of ice; and started making some cold lemonade.

Seriously, it’s so cold here that even a beautiful dog who saw me while admiring the the snow filled mountains, thought I was an ice sculpture.,  He  started leaking my dress, as if he could smell the spicy L’Egume I had just cooked.  And,  to make me feel better, his handsome Caucasian owner, who,  probably in his late fifties, with his charming smile, said to me” Sorry. Its probably , because we have quite a few Indian monuments here.”

I though that was a compliment don’t you?” So what’s the name of this handsome fellow? “” I asked him while I attempted to search for my nose.

“His name is Ilander.”

“By any chance, do you think his ancestors might  have been from Haiti?”

“You know what?” He said. While frozen smoke pupped off  his nose, like a blazing. fire place. “A couple times while at the grocery store, he jumped near the jalapeno stand, and I do  have reason to believe,  he loves the smell of Tobasco sauce. I’m puzzled by his behavior.”

“Sir I regrettably must inform you, that only a dog with Haitian bloodline will act this way, so high chance he’s trying to teach you his ancestors remedies. So why don’t. you start  blending some hot peppers  into his food. Afterward, serve him  a glass of five stars Haitian Rhum.

He smiled then said, better. yet do you think  a beautiful Haitian girlfriend l might just seal the trick!”

In this freezer State he lives in.  Ice no!  He would better have a closet full of whool pantlies so her butt won’t freeze up. Because. I. tell you, although I’m  wearing three panties, two stockings, two pants,  two wigs and a coat,  even your dog can. tell all the hair from my you know where  have been ozen!!!


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