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Public speaking is certainly not my cup of ginger tea, but my conclusion? “I must overcome this giant!”

Let’s face it. How will I commit myself to read my future book before my fans, if  I keep on using the word “but” whenever I have a chance to express myself in public?

Although, it’s really not my fault. Sometimes, my tongue feels more comfortable when my lips remain sealed, even among friends.

So, to defy this gigantic monster, guess what I did Saturday during my paralegal club meeting?

When the professor asked, “Who would like to be the North Campus President?”

“Well!” I  reasoned with a “but” excuse. I thought it best to learn how to crawl  first, before I start walking. I wouldn’t want to fall and bust my lips on my first attempt.

Yes, you guessed right. I did not raised my hands.

Turned out, I had  a few “but” remaining inside my excuse box. So I ignored the call for the Vice President for both North and South Campus.

But, guess what? I finally raised my hands for the South campus secretary! Ho-ray!!!

But, do you know who beat me to it?

One of my daughter’s friend, who grew up in MY  neighborhood, EATING MY FOOD. In fact, she calls me Tatie, which mean aunt, I considered her as my nice.

Wow! That gives a whole new definition of the term, “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” Yap!

Can you believe I contributed to her success! All along, I was pulling her shirt while whispering  to her:”vote, vote!”  But, confidently, we both raised our hands together, for the same position. Hilarious!

Of course I was proud of her!

But, loosing turned out to be my force of motivation. Like a form of training.

So when I heard the next: “Who would like to vote for…?”

My box of “but” was suddenly empty.  I  found myself raising my hand so high, I almost stood up. Because, all my fears had just flown away.

Yes,  I was elected to be  one of the officers of the Paralegal Eagles. I”m the Student Governing Rep.!

To keep us motivated, our professor told us “All you have to do is show up!” Which, I have no problem doing.

But, when I finally grabbed my box of ‘but” which I presumed was empty, there I discovered  one  more ‘BUT” was stuck inside of it.

So I  had to swallow my saliva before I read “Algebra class!”

“Dawn it!” I screamed.

“This class still exist?”

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    Shiva Malekopmath said:
    December 8, 2015 at 3:45 pm

    Read my Post “You People Hats Off!”
    It relates to this post.

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