The Purest Love!

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A woman after a stressful day at work, prepared dinner. After she served her two girls, while they were still eating, she dosed off to sleep.

Her younger girl who was three at the time, walked near the bed, and with both hands started to shake her like an earthquake.

“Mommy! Mommy! MOMMY!

Finally the woman woke up, hardly able to keep her eyes open, she answers her daughter,

“Ye-es honey!”

The daughter replied with the nicest smile, “Are you sleeping mommy?”

Twenty five years later, when she finally told her daughter about the incident, which she thought she was too young to even remember. But, to her surprise, her daughter replied,

“I remember Mommy. That day I shook you because I thought you were dead.”

“Dead?” Why would you think so?”

“Mom, you were snoring so loud, the whole house was vibrating, so I thought the wolf had ate my mother, and disguise himself in your bed.

But didn’t’ your older sister told you, I was just sleeping?”

“She’s the one who told me “the wolf was about to eat us both now.” So I said, “Let me go first. If he was too full, he wouldn’t eat her  too.”

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