Let’s Talk “Take & Parables.”

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I heard you were taken by the first house you were shown. However, before you finalize the  move, let’s take a ride back down memory lane together. So one day, you too might take the time to share with your children, “how I took the time to take you, to where I’m about to take you.”

  • Remember, patience is a virtue. So, if you take the time to get on your knees, God will take the time off from His busy schedule to listen. Didn’t say He’ll take the time to answer you right away either, because He sure likes to take His sweet time in everything He does.
  • Cleanness is essential. So, take the time to clean the house. I mean really take the time to clean. Don’t just take the time to sweep and mop, I mean take the time to wash-wash-wash-even-scrape, if you have to!
  • Well, although you mind is already made up, I do hope you got yourself a good fish. Even if it’s not pristine quality, you should be able to enjoy it anyway. But, before you cook it, wash it toughly, then, dazzle a little mint all inside, then bathe it with some oil, preferably deep fry it. And, while you’re eating it, if you take your time to digest it well, you should harvest the fruit of your labor in less than a year.
  • However, I sure hope you didn’t buy some liver, gizzard, cow feet, or chicken legs, instead of the fish. If so, I’m warning you, the result will not be the same.
  • I also hope you got yourself a nice color too. Like yellow or white; wouldn’t mind a little light chocolate either. But, don’t waste your time carrying no damn charcoal to your house. You don’t need to look far to see we already have enough of that.
  • So after you take the time to do all of the above, you should close your bedroom door, and take the time to enjoy yourself all night. So next time I come to visit, as I just did your brother where I came from, when I take the time to look at my grandchildren, I won’t feel the urge to disown you too.

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