Sweet Revenge

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I moved away from my grandchildren today, so I had presumed not to write today. My grand-children saddened expression after I told them I would not be home when they arrived from camp this afternoon, truly broke my heart into pieces. My grandson answered: “You mean eber grandma?” “Not ever. I will be just a phone call away my love,” I told him. Although I knew dawn well, my daughter will give me every excuse in the book, so they won’t speak to me. She claimed they will bug her afterward “Can we go see grandma.” So I honestly mentioned that, just to draw a nicer picture of her, just because she is my daughter.  And that’s all I will say about that.

My granddaughter on the other hands blew my mind away. After I gently broke the news to her, she was painting a little ceramic she had just made. While starring at her artwork, she said: “I know I won’t see you anytime soon grandma, and mommy probably won’t’ let us come to spend some time with you.”  I answered her: Yes my love, my hands are tied. If it were up to me, I would pick you up every weekend, or we would do more activities together. One day Mommy will understand.”

Then she turned and looked at me: “Don’t worry grandma, Mommy will have grandchildren too someday!”

I hush my mouth for a few second, trying to understand how the hell God created my grand-daughter just like ME! She does not say much, but whenever she does, as if she dropped an atomic bomb. Suddenly my mind travelled back to my younger days.  Yes, my mother hated my mouth. You know how they often say “The truth hurts?” And that’s all I will say about that today.

Of course, I left my daughter’s house ANGRY. But God knows how to satisfy the soul! Picture this:girl tamtrum

I stopped at the store, and guess what I saw? A little brat giving her mother the hell for the day. When I turned, I realized with the exception of her skin color, she looked “Just like my daughter when she was a little girl.”

“No. I want candy, Hinhinhin!” She yelled back at her mother, as she stumped her feet.

The mom answered: “Now Lizzie, you just had some candy, and you are not having any more I said!”

She then dropped herself on the floor, and while the poor woman was trying to catch up with her, the little brat was crawling all over the store. So I thought: “At least my girls waited until they were older to grow horns, but this little girl here is really a handful for her mother. I could tell she was about to drive the woman crazy. Of course as a mother, I felt obligated to help out!”little girl screaming

I slowly walked toward her aisle, and just when she started crawling toward my direction, I kneeled to her level, and before her mother could see me, I stuck my tongue at the little brat, simultaneously  placed both of my hands over my heads, to show her my horns were much larger than hers.

She screamed: ‘Mommy Hinhinhin! Immediately got off the floor, and ran back toward her mother. But what I did not know was: The woman also saw me. So when she said: “Thank you!”

My answer was: “My pleasure dear – My name is 911, don’t’ hesitate to call me next time!”

2 thoughts on “Sweet Revenge

    Joyful2bee said:
    July 8, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    Delightful story! Reminds me of the story my son, at about 19 years old told me about a little boy at the grocery store who refused to follow his mother out of the store.My son looked at the kid and said, “You know what happened to me? I threw a tantrum like you just did and my mother left me here. I have been working here since I was about your age!” The kid ran screaming to his mother! lol.

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