The Secret Pathway

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“Achello! Achello!”

“Bless you my child!”

“Thank you – Achello!”

“Bless you again! But if I were you I would be concern about the way you sneeze.”

“Concern? I always say “Ac – Hello” when I sneeze. There are times I find myself saying “Ac –Ciel –lo!”

“Exactly what I thought! First, let me introduce myself. My name is sneezing! Therefore, I must inform you the words which you expressed whenever you sneeze is in direct coalition with your final destination.  For example, You thought you said: “Hello!” What I heard was “Hell-o! Whenever my children call, I must appear.” So my question to you is: “How is your relationship with your creator?”

“Great! I go to church, I  pray – in fact just last week, I climbed Jacob’s latter to heaven – Went to a trial for offending 19,000 plus angels Thank God for the blood of Jesus. I was completely forgiven.”

‘I hate to be the carrier of bad news my child, but if you were in good standing, your sneezed would have been the alternative: “Ac-Ciel-lo!” Which of course you know means heaven in your native language.”

“Really? I never heard such a thing before!”

“Well! We don’t speak that often, do we?”

“Oh please! My Brother sneeze “Akulanga! Are you telling me he’s in good standing? When hell is even afraid of him?”

“I would prefer we don’t involve your brother in this conversation. Last I remember, he tried to give me a Coup-D’état.”

“Is that so? How was .”

“Let’s change the subject, my child. “Anyway, did you say you climbed Jacob’s latter to heaven?”

“Yes I did, but I haven’t told a soul about it. I want to keep it all to myself.”

“Now I see, where the problem is. You are a selfish woman!”


“Yes you are! How could you have discovered the pathway to heaven, and wish to keep this good news all to yourself? “Ac-SatanME!”

“Did you just sneezed “Ac-SatanME?”

“So what I’m Satan?”

“What? Are you Satan? But you told me you were the sneezing.”

“Who told you to believe me? You knew I was a liar, didn’t you? Besides, have you not read: “I can transform myself into an angel of light?”

” I believed you because you.”

“You lack discernment dear, DISCERNMENT! And, why do you think I’ve been calling you my child – you sneezed


“OMG! You are a liar, a thief, a”

“Blablabla -Yes I’m all of the above! “And about you, who’ve kept the road to heaven to yourself, and have not spread the Good News to others!


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