The Wise Old Lady

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“I can’t keep you; hear my Bee. Can’t pay for your school, can hardly feed the both of us child. So you go to those rich folks. Ok? You’ll help them with the household, in exchange for a good education. Hear me child?”

The old woman packed one pink toothbrush, three little dresses, one sleep gown, four underwear, one slipper, her church shoes, and a little box full of ribbons and barrettes. Took them three hours to reach the Manière’s mention in the City – Between the gate and the front door, they had to walk about thirty more minutes, to finally ring the bell.  With tears running down her cheeks, the old lady left her granddaughter with Ms. Manière, trusting she will treat her well

After the old lady left, Ms. Manière gave Bee a distant look. Then she told her: “Your room is outside with the other maids.” You are to mop the floor, and care for the children  rooms. The girls whom you will refer to as “Miss” are between the age of nine and fifteen, and there are five of them. More likely, their errands will be under your care, because they love their little sweets.”

Bee had been with the Manière’s for nine Months. She walks about two miles in the hot sun, at least six times per day. Her little slippers is torn, she’s now wearing her Sunday shoes which is falling apart. Bee is so skinny now, whenever she wears one of her little dress, she looks like a needle lost, inside a large barn of rice. To be honest, even size zero would have to be redefined for her sake. Of course, the dark circle under her eyes makes her look even much older for her age. She goes to sleep late, and must be up by five in the morning to assist with breakfast. Lastly, Bee was never sent to school.  Ms. Manière always said: “Perhaps, next semester.”

One summer day, it was Bee’s birthday, no one cared. By eleven O’clock, she had already walked to the corner store four times. When she was called by one of the girl for another errand, she answered: “Hell no! Take your lazy self from your rooms, or drive one of your three cars, and go buy your damn cookie yourself!” They were shocked! And when one of the girls attempted to slap her, Bee held her hand and scratched a big chunk of her skin with her nails.   When Ms. Manière heard the commotion, she grabbed her belt and called Bee for a butt whooping. To her surprise, Bee held the belt, and bite the crap out of her hands. While screaming: “I want to go HOME!”

A messenger was sent to the poor Grandmother in the countryside. “Urgent. Come to the City ASAP!”  The old lady thinking the worse, yet felt relieved to see her granddaughter still alive. Although she was speechless when she noted her malnourished condition.

“Look what your granddaughter did to us! Both her nails and teeth scarves on our skin. After all we’ve done for her.”

“Bee, take your clothes, and let’s go! The old woman said calmly.” I will give you a butt whooping when we get home. “Been know better than that child! “Anyway, some words are best spoken at home, then foreign Camp.Lets go!”

“Yes. Said Ms. Manière. “You fix her, then bring her back!.”

As soon as they left the gate. The grandmother opened the bag to identify the two little dresses. The box of barrettes were still untouched. The slipper was gone. She noticed what was left of her Sunday shoes, tied with a cord on her feet. Then she asked her granddaughter:

“How you do in school child?”

“I never went to school Mamma.”

“How far was a boiling pot of water from where you bite her?”

The grand-daughter answered: “ She was in her room with the belt when she called me, Mamma.”

The Grandmother answered: “Did the belt have a metal hook?”

“Why do you ask Mamma?”

“Now girl, been going to Sunday school aaall your life. God been told his children the Israelites, not to even touch pork meat. And you went and bite it; not even cook, but raw? Now you been know better than that child! You risk contaminating yourself and all your offspring child!”

After a couple Months, Ms. Manière sent another messenger.” “Is she ready to come back yet? School is about to start.”

The old lady answered: “The donkey was so tired, after one lash she fell dead on the floor. I’m sending you a bag of her remains!”

I don’t know what was in the bag, but I could smell it all the way from California. While this incident happened in Haïti.


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    Brilliant. I absolutely loved reading this. I know your writing voice is going to be addictive for me!

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