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After the Lord and I watched my encounter with the delivery angel, I could tell, He was not pleased. So I thought, at last, someone understood the atrocity I suffered from my mother, because of that cruel note thet angel left folded in my tiny little hands.

“Today, we will address two of your complaints before the judicial panel.  We’ve reviewed one already, so now, let’s go over the incident with the beauty angel. How old were you then?”

While I  made myself comfortable on the beautiful Louis Second golden chair, which was included in my suite, I answered him:

“It happened about a year prior to my mother’s departure to New York  so I was probably five years old. “

“Why did you called the Angel of beauty and grace “Ugly old fool then?”

“Lord, when she first appeared, she did not look beautiful and graceful. Let me tell you what really happened.”Image result for haitian parents whooping a child

“My mom had the habit of dressing me up first before we go anywhere. Then she would tell me to” sit down, and “don’t move, till I’m ready.” Are you kidding me? I always had a short attention spend because I would change school so often that I could no longer keep up with their names. Also, before I could blink my eyes, I was already in a new house, with new faces. Honestly Lord, I had so many mothers, and aunties by the age of six, that I had run out of numbers to keep count with them. So of course, when she told me to “sit still,”the moment she walked away, I got up. Since I was into colors, and makeup I went straight to her bedroom.  What did I see there? A red bottle of nail polish on her dresser. And, the instant I grabbed it, there Iappeared an old and ugly woman who said:

“I would not touch that, if I were you!”

My answer:: “Of course you would not, because you are an ugly old fool! With the way you look, you should be wearing not only nail polish, but all the makeup, as quickly as you can touch them!”

As she transformed into a beautiful graceful angel, she said: “Oh! Is that so? Now, let’s see who’s going to be a fool and ugly, after her mother gives her the whooping of her life, for ruining her new, and beautiful yellow dress, with the red nail polish she just dropped on her dress!”

“Of course I was speechless. And while I continued to stare at her, the open bottle of RED polish was spilling all over my dress.”

Meanwhile, my mother was back from the bathroom, and standing by the door, when she said “What are you doing here?”

But, I honestly did not hear her. I was too busy screaming at the angel “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You see what you made me do? You UGLY lady!” You know the end of the story. My mom thought I was talking to her. Then, I wish I could plead double jeopardy, but it was not possible. Since she had yet to punish me for moving around.

As you probably know, the Haïtian parents sing the title of the whooping, while they whoop your butt; and every word count for one belt. So the song tittle was: “Disobedient” and it went something like that:

“Now- look- what-you-did- to –the-new-dress?


The Refrain:” I – told- you- not – to – move!

I – told- you-not-to-move!”

Désobéissante –que – vous-êtes!”(Meaning: “You are disobedient”)”

Other children would normally know better, and don’t answer back while they get a whooping. But, as you may figure by now, I was unusual. So my answer was:


And-you-should-be-dressing-me-last-I’m-a –child.

Plus-Am-a-future-artist, I HAD TO PAINT!

I was not talking to you, but to the Old ugly Angel,

Who turned BEAUTIFUL!

So my mother ‘s reponse with the belt:

“I -will -each –you- to- stop- talking –

To- ugly angel- who turned- BEAUTIFUL!”

To be continued.


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