Heaven Quake!

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“Hello! Hello! What are you doing climbing Jacob’s later? Only the angels can thread in  this area.” Stairway

“Not true. You have wings, you don’t need a later to climb up here; so  the later was created for us human – YOU angels are trespassing.”

“Hey! Don’t get smart with me ok. You have not been invited up here, so you’ll need my help to enter through this post.”

“Yes, I was. Why would I be climbing up here if I didn’t receive a special invitation?”

“Invitation from Whom?”

“From “HIM,” the one who sits on the right. – Where I come from we call Him “The Son of Men – The Lamb of God! The Saviour of”

“Oh, You mean “The Lord?”

” Yeah – Him!”

“Yes – He would be the one to welcome a trespasser – Many have arrived here in the past, all beat up, worn out, but His arms are always open to receiving them all. Just walk straight forward. You will see a Golden gate, hope the guards will let you in. But my advice to you, whatever you do, don’t mention your name ok?”

Don’t mention my nickname “Bad Ass” Or my real name “Nadège”?  – “Oh, my! Why is heaven sha- a- king? Oh God – Lord- Angels – HELP! HELP! I didn’t know – there -were hea-ven -quake in HEA-VENNNNNNN!!!”

“Didn’t they tell you not to mention your name up here?”

“Oh Lord! Thank you for rescuing me – How did you know I was in trouble?”

“In trouble? “Nadège, You are trouble!” Besides, when I felt my throne shaking and saw all the angels running to HIDE, I knew Satan couldn’t reach here –  therefore, had to be trouble in the mist.”

“Yes Lord, I have to admit – I’m an unusual case.”

Oh! That’s what you call it? Anyway, why are you here dear?”

“Lord, I just climbed Jacob’s later all the way to heaven, I’m exhausted.  It’s a long story, which will require a long time to explain all the details.

“I have eternity Nadege – remember?”

In that case Lord, let me take a nap first. I’m tired from climbing all those damn – I mean – those Holy stairs!”

-To Be Continued-


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