“Freak Day”

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Excuse me, but I was passing by, noticed your sad countenance – “What’s wrong?”

“Oh! How kind of you. My heart is saddened – because I don’t have any friends.”

“Really?” You never had any friends?”

“Well, of course I’ve had some friends! In fact my best friend slept with, my husband, so”

“Your best friend? I thought you said: “You don’t have any friends.”

“No, I don’t have any friend, but”

“Hey, make up your mind ok.  You are confusing me – I don’t know what to believe anymore!”

“LISTEN OK! “I SAID I…“Who the hell are you anyway?”

“Oh! My name is Confuse, what’s yours?”

“No wonder you are  confuse, your name IS CONFUSE!”

“I SAID MY NAME IS CONFUSE, and you are insulting me.”

“What’s all that commotion? You know, from a distance, I can partially hear eve-ry-thing you guys are saying!”

“ Well, Confuse came here and I accuse me of insulting him – when I simply told him “I was sad because…”

“I see. If I understand you correctly – you don’t see why he’s angry because you called him confuse?”

“No, I don’t see why he can’t understand what I’m trying to tell him. ‘What I told him was: “I don’t have any friends NOW, but.”

“Exactly! You just don’t see why he’s angry because you called him confuse. Wearing his shoes, I can  understand his frustration.”

“His frustration? About me?”

“What about you? You want everything about you han?”

“You know what – you are being too partial, I refuse to talk to someone so partial. What’s your name anyway?”

“My name is partial.”


“Hello friends, calm down! I have special ears to hear everything my friends are talking about. What’s going on anyway?”

These two freaks who just walked away are getting on my nerve. One is confuse, and.”

“Oh, poor friend. I understand you, believe me. Don’t worry, I’m completely on your side, and truly understand you.”

But, you didn’t even here the whole story, I “
“You don’t really  have to – I ‘ll believe anything you say anyway – my  name is “Friendship, just looking for some friends.”

“OMG! Is today freak day?”

“Get out of the road, you freak! Hello, hello!  Clearly THE SPEED LIMIT HERE is FORTY – FIVE,  but YOU ARE DOING FORTY!!! Freak!”

“I have to tell everyone how to DRIVE !’

“Hey! You freak, what’re you looking at!”


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