“I AM!”

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Raimbow Eucalyptus

So they thought a sleazy little wiz like you

Would stir a storm, like an emotional floodgate to pierce my heart?

Oh dear, my essence though perfumed with love

Cannot be easily tempered!

Have they not heard, at least perceived?

I’m similar to a mesquite tree, resilient in arid climates

My trunk connected to the General Sherman tree,

I’m the largest known living stem.

So although I may be shaken, but rest assured, I’m unmovable.

And, I am called the Baobab tree

My hollow spots are filled with life

For I am the equivalent of water.

With my leaves sizzled with healing

My seedpods enclosed with nutrients

I am compared to a  caring mother.

I am the rainbow Eucalyptus

Among my siblings, my features are the most distinctive

My vibrant colored barks constantly shedding

Reveal my awe-inspiring gift to the visual world.

Yes, I am fascinating, stunning, Radiant, even angelic.

I am beauty. I am patient, strength, love, and light;

So, I will wait for you.

I will wait till your search for wisdom,

From the hill of self-discovery.

I will wait.

But, should you aspire another course

I just blew off your dust from my memory!!!

By: Nadège Moïse

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