Lesson Worth Learning

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Tree glowing

Embraced by the light –engulfed by its glow

I felt such comfort – no care in the world

I wish not return – to the world so dense

“Your mission so clear – you have not fulfilled”

“I beg to differ – but my loads weight too much

My weeping constant – my tears dried out

I’m weak – fainting – I can hardly stand

Grace me this honor – Please I’m begging”

We’ve examined your case – the cause of your visit

We’ve heard your discontent – you pitiful whining

So the juries summoned, have reach their verdict

A planet indeed – CREATE in your honor

Your expertise’s paid off – You’re the chief lead

For all the complainers – pitiful whiners

Your assignment’s to teach them – “RETRACT from that path.”

For life is a gift – indeed worth living

The storms – the shuttered crumbs – are meant for your good

These valuable lessons – embrace them like treseares

So the painful wounds – will teach you to love

And the tears shed – will wash all your stains

The dark alleys  traveled – will lead you to light

The light if embrace – will sparkle the world.

Nadège Moïse

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