A Dog Named Bob

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”

Wednesday, my mailbox day. My dog named Bob, always looks forward, for our special ride, to the nearby post.’

But this morning, he was impatient – He stood near my bed, shaking his tail, as if he was fed up.

 Regardless, I knew better, not to leave my house, without a rouge, or a blush.

So it dawned on me: “Perhaps a little rouge, will chill him up!”

With my colors –  my brush, by the time I was done-

My dog named Bob, looked like a bluejay bird.


When we came from the post – ready for a bite;

I rushed in the kitchen, grabbed my waffle, dumped on my plate, soaked with syrup.

Sit on my table – opened the ‘box.”

“What the…?”

 “Instead of my paint, they sent me some ink!!!”


Then my dog named Bob, walked and stood by me.

When he barked – his exact words:  

“You paint my face,

Like a bluejay bird,

I guess wer’ even – Now the laugh’s on YOU!”

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