My Michelangelo Moment

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So I woke up early this morning, thought I was being inspired to paint one of MichelAngelo artwork. So I had the audacity to try his “Last Judgment” piece. By the time I was done, the naked bodies looked like a bunch of basmati rice grains standing up.  So I got angry at myself for not succeeding someone else inspiration. Then, out of rage, I grabbed my paint brushes, smashed all the colors I could reach on the canvas, while given no thought to its final outcome.

As my daughter walked by the patio, she bluntly stopped, then I heard: “Oh My God Mom, this is  BEAUTIFUL!!! I turned to the right, then to the left, in attempt  to see what she was referring to. Then I raised my head up,  to look across  where the construction workers were standing on top of  a house roof working; thinking she was referring to the new roof. Then she said, “What are you looking for mom?”

-“You said something was beautiful, so I’m trying to find out what it is?”

-“Your painting Mom. I’m talking about your painting. I don’t even like abstract, but I certainly would buy this one. The colors, the scenery; just amazing!”

I looked at the panting for a moment, then said: “Aaaaa! Aha! I was inspired to create something either Italian or Arabic this morning. So “it” ended up Arabic. This is why I’m calling it ” LOGENALEHCIM.”

After my daughter said one more “Wow!” I managed to convinced myself, maybe it was indeed one of my master piece. Although I had no idea what it stood for. Then she dropped the bomb on me when she said:

“What is the abstract all about Mom?”

-Well my love, this is what abstract is all about. I can sit here and tell you what it means to me. But the mere fact is, “you may have a whole different point of view after you look at it  for yourself. So stand back, if you stare at it long enough…my message will leap and touch both your soul and spirit. Believe me, whatever you can figure out from the mass is it! So Enjoy!”

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